Keanu Reeves Becomes Salman Khan: All the Disastrous Things That Happen When 'WiFi Drops by 1 Bar'

There's a common millennial saying which essentially claims that the best way to test a person's patience or their ability to stay calm under stress is by observing how they react when their WiFi's acting up.

It's all the more annoying and frustrating when your internet stops working in the middle of a movie or a video. And it's even worse when you're watching a video and the quality drops because of poor internet.

The internet's latest favourite meme is about what happens when the WiFi signal drops one bar. It's almost like your world comes crashing down, right? We agree.

'WiFi drops by 1 bar' is the latest trend on Twitter and the plethora of memes flooding our feed has in splits. These are some of the most hilarious memes we came across, and it's disturbing how painfully reliable they are: