Kaziranga University to open up in Jorhat

Jorhat, Feb 21 (ANI): Kaziranga University, with a campus spread over 50 acres, will soon open in Jorhat, popularly known as "the Knowledge City" of Assam.

The university that is expected to begin its operation in June this year will administer degree programs in civil, mechanical, computer science and electrical engineering.

The School of Business here will offer degree programs in business administration and hospitality management.

"We want to make our student to get a quality education, go outside, explore the world and come back to serve for the people of Northeast again," said Professor Vilas M Salokhe, Vice Chancellor, Kaziranga University.

The Kaziranga University recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UK's University of Plymouth, to facilitate exchange of learning, faculty and students between the two universities.

"Northeast part is lacking of good university so it is a good initiative of collaboration with UK University. People are very convincing and have good plan that's why we have collaborated with UK University," said Sanjay Sharma, Head of Department, Faculty of Engineering, Plymouth University, UK.

With the opening up of this university, students of the northeast will gain access to world-class universities that are coming up in the region.

Set up in collaboration with one of the top foreign business universities, Kaziranga University will be the first of its kind in the entire Northeast region.

This will have long-term implications in terms of placement of students hailing from the northeast region in international markets.

The students are eagerly waiting for the university to begin functioning.

"Kaziranga University has set up for higher education so it will be very helpful for the Northeast people. Now student established himself or herself from this university," said Bhudhim Mahanta, a student.

"It is a unique privilege for the northeast. I am sure it will bring change for people in the region. It also will create to job opportunities in the future," said Lemkholen Kipgen, student.

Militancy had affected education in the northeast, especially Assam for a long time. As normalcy returns, it provides an opportunity to develop a world-class educational system that will help the talented youth of the region to have a better future. (ANI)