Kazakhstan elections: Our policies will be better for country, says Opposition

As the presidential elections in Kazakhstan are scheduled to be held on June 09, the Opposition said their policies will be better for the country, if they get elected. After the Nursultan Nazarbayev resigned from the post of President of Kazakhstan, Presidential ship was transferred to the Speaker of the Senate (Upper house) Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who later announced about the early presidential elections. It is also the first time in almost thirty years that a new President of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be elected. Toleutai Rekhimbekov, Presidential candidate for AUYL(village) Social Democratic Party in an interview told the ANI, "I see the future of Kazakhstan as a prosperous, secular and democratic country, with good international position. Our main agenda is the development of agriculture production. We also want to develop the chemical industry, food industry, science and technology, education etc. We have a good geographical position in central Asia and we consider India as good and traditional partner and India has a great experience of development becoming a leader of World." "Countryside and agribusiness play a special part in the achievement of the economy wide modernisation objectives of the country. Around 43 per cent of the population lives in rural areas, so the development in agriculture can produce a significant multiplicative effect for the entire economy of the country." He further added. Another Presidential candidate Taspikhov Amangeldi, from Kazakh Federation of trade union while interacted with ANI said, "Since I am representing trade union federations, so our priority is to bring labour related legislature, adoption of international convention and resolving certain social issues, which according to me do not requires much changes and efforts. If I am not elected as a president, I will request the new president to pay attention to these issues."