Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford is still being harassed, lawyers claim

Shalini Ojha

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford is still being harassed, lawyers claim

09 Nov 2018: Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford is still being harassed, lawyers claim

Christine Blasey Ford, who accused US Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual harassment, is still receiving threats, her lawyers told NPR.

In September, Ford gave a testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and Kavanaugh, who was a nominee then, denied the charges.

Now weeks later Ford has to tolerate a different type of abuse, her lawyers said.

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The abuse: She has moved four times, hasn't got her job back

In a statement, Ford's lawyers, Debra Katz, Lisa Banks, and Michael Bromwich said, "Justice Kavanaugh ascended to the Supreme Court, but the threats to Dr. Ford continue."

The abuse she is receiving is the reason she had to move four times, they claim.

She has also not got her job as a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University back.

Context: Backstory: Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual harassment, he vehemently denied

Ford alleged Kavanaugh harassed her when they were in high school in the 1980s.

She said Kavanaugh harassed her when she was 14 or 15 years old and the incident left a deep impact on her life.

Kavanaugh denied the allegations and his emotional testimony laced with shouting became global news.

Despite this, he was sworn in as Supreme Court judge on October 7.

Aftermath: In testimony, Ford said she received threats constantly

It should be noted that Ford spoke about threats in her testimony as well. She said her personal data was released and she was facing hurdles.

"My family and I were forced to move out of our home. ... My family and I have been living in various secure locales, with guards," she said.

Her lawyers said though attention has diverted, things haven't changed.

Help: Two GoFundMe pages were set for Ford

Her lawyers stressed Ford doesn't want anything more than moving on from the experience and regaining her life back.

Notably, two GoFundMe pages were set for Ford after her testimony, and they collectively raised more than $800,000.

Heidi Feldman, who set one of the pages, said she didn't know about Ford's security details. She also doesn't know if Ford withdrew the money.

Fact: Feldman doesn't know if Ford withdrew the money

"My understanding from GoFundMe is that [she] has access to the money my campaign raised (I do not know if she has withdrawn it). I have no information about whether or how she has used or plans to use it," Feldman told NPR.

Donations: Unused funds could be used to support organizations

Ford's lawyers maintained she needed protection. About the money from the funds, the lawyers said some of it was used for Ford's protection and housing.

They added unused funds will be given to organizations which help trauma survivors but didn't reveal the name of such organizations.

"Dr. Ford and her family have tremendous gratitude for the generous crowdfunded contributions they have received," they added.