Katy Perry slammed for being 'disrespectful' and 'offensive' after she shared photo of Goddess Kali

Ankita Mehta
Singer Katy Perry arrives at the 41st American Music Awards in Los Angeles

Singer Katy Perry disappointed several of her fans in India by posting a photo of Hindu Goddess Kali. The singer shared the photo on Instagram with a caption "current mood" and this has not gone down well with the fans.

Perry's love for India is known to all (while some might doubt that now). She got married to ex-husband Russell Brand in India in 2010 in a traditional Hindu ceremony. She also has a tattoo in Sanskrit on her hand. However, her recent Instagram upload has left many fans in India furious.

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the fans were left divided over the upload. While several slammed the singer for using the photo to describe her mood, many others commented in her support. Instagram users in India said that she is being "disrespectful" and "insulting religion." Some even said her comment is "offensive to Hindus."

However, many also came out in support of Perry.

Check out below what fans have said about the upload:

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"Katy perry just post in your limits... You just cant do like this... These religious photos are there for us to worship not to tell your fu**in mood..."

"plz kindly remove this image....... she is our Hindu goddess...... u cannot describe this as mood .... it's insulting..... she is just as significant as Jesus Christ........ respecting the feeling of millions plz remove the image.... we know that u did it unintentionally..... but plz do the needful"

"you can't just insult a religion she is our godness"

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"@katyperry You don't even know the story behind this picture, so it's stupid to quote "current mood" on it!"

Here is what people have commented defending the singer.

"Look at all these pus**es getting offended. You're an embarrassment to India," one user wrote, defending the singer.

"It's offensive #not there are times I wish I was Kali when men harrass me for being a woman, when I see people disregard the ones in need and when the terror in the world multiplies like Raktbija and much more. To the religious people A. You don't abuse in the name of God B. Don't try to be your God's Savior especially Kali doesn't need one C. Broaden your spectrum D. Leave the decision on karma," another user wrote.

"Jai Kali mai. Anyone here acting like you OWN your God. No you don't. Quit the pseudo patriotism! Andshe posted nothing offensive. Go cry elsewhere," another said.

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