Katie Holmes Experiences the Fright of Her Life In During the Shoot of Brahms: The Boy II


Katie Holmes has always been a dedicated actress even in the most challenging roles. In her upcoming film Brahms: The Boy II, she plays the role of a mother to a young boy who befriend’s a possessed doll. Being a mother in real life too, it was a difficult and sensitive to work in this movie. Brahms The Boy II: Katie Holmes Reveals What Was Exciting About Working on This Horror Film.

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She recalls her experience during the making of the films and says, “Liza is a mother, just like I am. To see your child in a state of horror is no less than a nightmare. I would come back home post the shoot to my daughter appreciating her even more than usual sometimes. (Chuckles) There would be instance where I'd hear certain uncanny sounds or vibes at home. Or I'd have some vividly unusual nightmares of me being suffocated. Doing a horror film definitely leaves a major impact on an actor. It's intriguing but, really fun at the same time." Katie Holmes Birthday: 5 Fashion Outings of the American Actress That Made Her 2019's Trendsetter (View Pics).

The movie sees the horror plotted by a possessed doll against a little family that move into a new house. The film unfolds new dimensions of horror for the audience, it will surely run a chill down your spine! Directed by William Brent, Brahms: The Boy II has been distributed in India by PVR Pictures and hit the screens on February 21, 2020.

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