Katherine Ryan insists Slowthai ‘didn’t make me uncomfortable’ with bizarre NME Awards display

Rachel McGrath
Dave Benett/Getty Images

Katherine Ryan has responded to criticism of Slowthai’s behaviour towards her at the NME Awards and insisted the rapper did not make her feel “uncomfortable.”

In footage that emerged on social media during Wednesday night’s ceremony, 25-year-old Slowthai (real name Tyron Kaymone Frampton) could be seen calling Ryan, 36, “baby girl” and making a series of suggestive remarks.

The incident immediately drew criticism from fans online with many calling the rapper’s behaviour “misogynistic” and claiming Ryan looked "uncomfortable."

However, the comedian has insisted this wasn’t the case by responding to a tweet that read: “also katherine ryan using sarcasm to mask her discomfort doesn’t excuse what slowthai did.” [sic]

Quoting the post, Ryan replied: “He didn’t make me uncomfortable. This is why we need women in positions of power.

"I knew he had lost from the moment he opened his mouth like any heckler coming up against a COMIC - not a woman - a COMIC.

“I was operating 2/10. What a sweet boy. I defused it. Tonight was fun!”

Approaching Ryan on stage at Brixton Academy Slowthai had asked her to “smell my cologne,” adding: “Smells good, doesn’t it?”

Ryan’s co-host Julie Adenuga interjected: “What is happening?” before the duo’s bizarre exchange continued.

With his arm wrapped around Ryan, Slowthai said: “She wants me to tend to her flowers.”

Katherine Ryan and Slowthai on stage at the NME Awards (Dave Benett)

“You are the hottest guy I’ve ever seen,” the comedian hit back, prompting Slowthai to reply: “I know, so stop playing with me.”

Later in the evening, Slowthai clashed with a fan in the audience who called out his behaviour while he was accepting the Hero of the Year Award.

The furious rapper responded by telling his critic: "Thank you for ruining my speech," before tossing his microphone at him.

After the man threw the mic straight back, Slowthai threw a glass into the audience and jumped off stage. After a brief tussle, he was retrieved by security.

Standard Online has contacted Slowthai’s representative for further comment.