Katamarayudu's performance at box office is a wake-up call to Pawan Kalyan

Prakash Upadhyaya
Katamarayudu, Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan's Katamarayudu was released big recently, just like any of his recent films. The movie was expected to shatter box office records and create a new benchmark at the collection centres. Unfortunately, early signs indicate that the movie is likely to flop at the box office. Yes, the distributors might end up with heavy losses if the footfall does not increase in the days to come.

The actor has returned on screen after his much-hyped Sardaar Gabbar Singh bombed at the box office. The movie, produced by Pawan Kalyan himself, failed to keep the cash registers ringing after it opened to poor reviews. The industry and the actor's fans were expecting Katamarayudu to erase the bitter memories of his previous film, and hoped that he would be back to his good form with his latest venture. But the movie opened to below-average reviews and had a lukewarm performance over the weekend.

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Going by the box office numbers available online, after making Rs 39.2 crore at the worldwide box office on the opening day, the Telugu film earned Rs 63.5 crore, with distributors' share of Rs 43 crore, in the three-day first weekend. As per leading trade tracker Andhra Box Office, it is considered a decent opening. Katamarayudu should earn a share of around Rs 90 crore to become a hit at the box office.

At this stage, it is highly unlikely to achieve the figures. The industry expects the film to be at least an average grosser and for that to happen Katamarayudu should enjoy a good turnout of the audience in the next 7-10 days. Trade experts feel that the Ugadi holiday and the second weekend will decide the fate of the film at the box office.

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If Katamarayudu fails to pull the audience in big numbers, then it could result in back-to-back flops for Pawan Kalyan, which will be a wake-up call for the Power Star. In an industry where stars are as good as their successful movies, Pawan Kalyan cannot afford to gamble with his acting career when he enjoys such a huge fan following in India and abroad.

What went wrong for Pawan Kalyan?

The most obvious reason seems that Pawan Kalyan failed to pick the right scripts. But the more ardent followers of his career would realise that the Power Star probably lost focus due to his political ambitions. He has been trying hard to build his Jana Sena and this is said to be the major reason for his inability to find a proper story that takes his stardom to the next level.

Every actor goes through lean patches and, in most cases, it is a matter of time before they bounce back. Pawan Kalyan too can return with a bang, but only if he is willing to go for it.  

It is high time Pawan Kalyan decided whether he wants to be a full-time politician or an actor, as it is a near impossible task to find a perfect balance between the two fields. After all, as the popular Chinese proverb says 'one foot cannot stand on two boats.'

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