Kasparov starts chess learning programme in Georgia

Indo Asian News Service

Tbilisi (Georgia), Feb 19 (IANS) A pilot computer programme on chess games designed by Gary Kasparov was launched in Georgia to assist the country's youth to learn about the game.

Georgia's deputy minister in charge of sports and youth affairs Zurab Azmaiparashvili launched the programme Monday, reports Xinhua.

Azmaiparashvili said the Kasparov chess programme is to be used in schools in towns like Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi and Poti which have been producing some of the world's most famous chess players.

"Former World Champion Gary Kasparov today held the first session of chess tutorials online in an experimental format. His system is introduced to 100 schools in Georgia. He personally participated in the preparation of the experimental schools for the onset of the programme more than a year ago," said the Georgian government official.

"The programme took three years to formulate and it contains both theoretical and practical teaching materials. Upon completion, students will have the knowledge at levels of around three and four competition-wise," the deputy minister added.

Though born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Kasparov made his fame by becoming the junior champion of the former Soviet Union here in 1978 at the age of 13 after having scored seven out of a possible nine points for that championship. The legend has been re-visiting Tbilisi as a reminiscence of his early rise to fame.

According to the former World Chess Champion, a child busy learning chess through a specially-designed computer programme in school has a better understanding of the world, because a game of chess requires thinking and analysing.

While visiting Georgia last year, the Kasparov promised to offer Georgian school children with the opportunity to use his computerised programme on chess tutorials.