Kashmiris crave for ‘Harissa’ in harsh winters

Srinagar (J&K), Jan 06 (ANI): Kashmiri meat delicacy ‘Harissa’ is on demand during winters to keep locals warm during heavy snowfall. The dish is made with mixture of Kashmiri saffron, aromatic spices, rice, meat and salts. Dish is prepared delicately and needs lot of preparation, timing and hard work. Isaaq Ahmad who cooks ‘Harissa’ said, “It’s been 80 years and we are into this business. It takes 17-18 hours to cook this dish. First we put rice and then ‘masalas’ to cook it. We start preparing it at 4 in the morning. By god’s grace, it sells like hot cakes.” 'Harissa' has been the favourite delicacy of Kashmir, especially in winters for centuries. A customer Imran Ahmad said, “This is a very delicious meat and we eat it during winters because here we get really harsh winters and it keeps us warm. It is also important for those who have pain, etc.”