Kashmiri cricketers who sang Pakistan’s national anthem in their green jersey arrested for defiance!

Aishwarya Krishnan
The members of the Kashmiri team, who sang the Paksitani national anthem in the green jersey were arrested and detained by the Kashmiri police.

Earlier in the week a video of a group of Kashmiri cricketers wearing the Pakistani jersey and singing their national anthem before a domestic match went viral on the internet. The members of the team, who belonged to the Kashmiri club Baba Darya Ud Din, were arrested and detained by the Kashmiri police. The players, who said that they were proud of their bold move, were arrested as singing the Pakistani national anthem in their green jersey was considered as an act of defiance by the Indian lawmakers. The match was played in central Kashmir’s Wayil play-field on the same day that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Kashmir to inaugurate a tunnel.

The video of the entire event was uploaded on the social media and instantly went viral. Although some of the group members were skeptical from following the idea and playing in Pakistan’s Jersey, the police have arrested the entire team for defiance. Ghulam Hassan Bhat, Deputy Inspector General of Police, confirmed to media dailies that the boys had been arrested. The police have not revealed the identity of these Kashmiri boys. Kashmir cricket team singing Pakistani National Anthem in their jersey as a mark of respect is shocking! (Watch Video)

The members of the group played the domestic match against their opponent who were donning the traditional white jersey. However, members of the team chose to don the Pakistani jersey to look different from the others. The entire group was also seen standing in attention with their arm on across the chest, respecting and singing the Pakistani National Anthem in the video. The members of the Baba Darya Ud Din team also said that they were not scared of their moves as Kashmir is a disputed land. Two Kashmiri boys played the Pakistan National Anthem in India and here’s what happened! (Watch Pak Sar Zameen video)

Kashmir has been a land of dispute as people in the state have been fighting for their rights against the government. There are groups all over the state who support the idea of Kashmir being under Pakistan, while there are still others who want the state to be independent of both the countries. However, this bold act had certainly raised the eyebrows of various people, and the arrest has finally shown that these stunts will not be appreciated or tolerated by the Indian government.