Kashmir is tense due to PDP-BJP's unprincipled coalition: Mani Shankar Aiyar

Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar said that the only solution left to bring peace in the Kashmir is through talks.

While the valley simmers, Congress has up the ante against the PDP-BJP government as well as BJP led NDA government in Centre. Former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyer while talking to India Today pointed out at what ails the valley.

"Real Mehbooba Mufti is emerging from the cocoon of her totally unprincipled coalition government with BJP. It is because of this utterly 'unprincipled' government that we are seeing these problems with BJP. Adamant refusal of Modi government has led to dent into India's image in valley. It is now as of those who fire pellet guns at children," said Aiyar.

Senior Congress leader Aiyar said that the only solution left to bring peace in the Kashmir is through talks.

"Talks is the only way out. The real process that will bring back peace to valley is 'sincere talks'. But i don't think so that Mehbooba will be able to convince Modi for 'sincere' talks. She may succeed to get them mechanise talks," said Aiyar.


Aiyer maintained that PDP should break the alliance from BJP. "Until and unless she breaks this utterly unprincipled alliance with forces of Hindutva she will not be able to find a solution.

One way out is governor rule and other way is for the other mainstream parties like NC and Congress to say that we will support Mehbooba government till the end of her present term subject to her breaking alliance with BJP," he said.

When asked about Kashmiri students being targeted in other parts of the country, Aiyar said, "Kashmiri students are being mistreated because BJP is spreading lies that all Kashmiris are traitors. It is not just Kashmiris in valley but Kashmiris across country are being alienated due to Modi government's policies. Hope Mehbooba can liberate herself from this alliance."

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