Srinagar hospital attack: Police arrest 4 for helping Naveed Jatt escape

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Srinagar hospital attack: Police arrest 4 for helping Naveed Jatt escape

Jammu and Kashmir police today said that they have cracked the case of terrorist's escape from a Srinagar hospital with the arrest of four involved in the escape plan.

Two days after a Pakistani terrorist escaped from a hospital where police had brought for check up, the Jammu and Kashmir police today arrested four people involved in the escape act. Jammu and Kashmir ADGP Muneer Khan said that the case was cracked and two terrorists were arrested.

He said, "Two terrorists and two over-ground workers were arrested in a raid conducted by the SIT in connection with firing in SMHS Hospital on 6th February."

"The SIT started probe and on the basis of scientific evidence, we ascertained who or what were involved. They were identified. Raids were conducted," he said, adding, "After their arrest, we are left with Naveed and another terrorist, who are still at large."

Responding to a query, Muneer Khan said, "It is not like 'you couldn't catch them, they overtook us,' no! Appreciate officers' efforts who cracked case in limited time. We could have fired in hospital but we would have killed civilians. We are police officers, not terrorists. We don't believe in killing innocents, they do."

After his escape from Srinagar's SMHS Hospital, Naveed Jatt's photograph went viral on social media. Muneer Khan did not attach much significance to Pakistani terrorist's photo going viral. He said, "I don't look at these pictures because this case requires professional investigation. I will not comment on anything that is not confirmed."

"Due to the firing we lost two of our officials and in this process this Pakistani terrorist managed to escape. Immediately after the incident an SIT was constituted to inspect all the aspects of this escape," he added.