Kashmir cricket team singing Pakistani National Anthem in their jersey as a mark of respect is shocking! (Watch Video)

Aishwarya Krishnan
The members of the Kashmiri team, who sang the Paksitani national anthem in the green jersey were arrested and detained by the Kashmiri police.

Kashmir has been in a state of distress for a long time. Amidst all the tension around the state and the India-Pakistan border, a Kashmiri Cricket team played a friendly match wearing the Pakistani cricket jersey. A video of the team singing the Pakistani national anthem and playing a local match in the Wayil play-field in Kashmir has surfaced on the internet and instantly gone viral. The YouTube video shows the cricketers of Baba Darya Ud Din team for the match. The match began with the Pakistani national anthem as a mark of respect.

The match was played on April 2, 2017, and the team members of the cricket club wanted to make a statement with the Pakistani jersey. The group of Kashmiri cricketers took this bold step as they wanted to make a statement and remind people that the Kashmir issue was not forgotten. The video of the incident shows Baba Darya Ud Din team donning the green jersey which represents Pakistan and was playing against a team in white jerseys. The team said that they did not fear to support Pakistan as Kashmir is a disputed land. Baba Darya Ud Din team raised many eyebrows with this bold act.

The video shows the team standing at attention with their hand crossed to their heart while the Pakistani national anthem was playing in the background. However, reports claim that this move was not a unanimous decision and some of the team members were apprehensive of wearing the jersey for the friendly match.

Watch the video of the Kashmiri team in Pakistani jersey here

Cricket has been a source of bonding between India and Pakistan. There have been stories of Virat Kohli fans from Pakistan getting jailed to Shahid Afridi fans being detained in Assam, India. The sport and cricketers have managed to dissolve the borders. However, this step by the amateur cricketers has left people of India stunned.