Kasautii Zindagii Kay's Komolika- Urvashi Dholakia- Finally Speaks Out On Hina Khan: Is She The Right Choice? Can She Do It?

Hina Khan's (set to play Komolika in KZK 2) entry might not happen so soon. But Urvashi Dholakia will have her eyes on Erica Fernandes (Prerna) and Parth Samthaan (Anurag) too. Meanwhile, Ekta Kapoor is a bundle of nerves, I guess. She is a brave producer, lekin phir bhi who doesn't have butterflies in stomach before anything major of his/her is put on test? So tonight before the 1st episode of KZK 2 flashes in your drawing room/bedroom, here's a quick interview with Urvashi, which we had with her on phone late last night.


Do you think Hina is the right choice for Komilika which was played by you in the original?
Ekta (Kapoor) put her trust in me 18 years ago, the same she is doing now on Hina. Ekta  has an eye for detail. Ekta has an eye for performers. Like she extracted what she wanted from me, I am sure she will extract it from Hina too. The baton has been passed and I wish Hina 'Good Luck' in all honesty.

Comparisons between Hina and you may become the talk of the town...
Comparisons will be there and you really can't stop them from doing that, but people eventually catch on. And let's take the case of millenials. They probably don't even know me, it would relatively easy for them to relate to Hina.

That's what Erica told us when we asked her about the inevitable comparisons which will be drawn between Shweta Tiwari (original Prerna) and her...
She is right.

Are you still recognised as Komolika?
From remote villages of Africa to any other part of the globe.

Your craze as Komilika was immense. The bindis you were were sold as Komolika bindis...
Sarees too. Plus, the platform wasn't so big. There was barely any social media, then. The feeling was so thrilling.

Isn't the presence of social media in such a case, daunting? Suddenly there might be a deluge on Hina's social accounts that they don't like her, or on your accounts that they like Hina more than you...
Hina has a huge fan following- be it on social media or otherwise. People will accept her readily.

Urvashi Dholakia As Komolika In Kasautii Zindagi Kay

Hina has changed a lot when it comes to dressing, especially after she did Bigg Boss (Season 11)...

I didn't see the last season. But I am sure you are right. Lekin, transformations so happen in case of TV actors too, it's not just restricted to the film industry. It happened with me too. Like I did Souten Bane Saheli and Ghar Ek Mandir, and then came KZK.

Do you know Hina closely?

We have met socially and exchanged pleasantries. Bas, otherwise I don't know her.

Are you in touch with Shweta Tiwari and/or Cezzane Khan?

Shweta did message me for Ganpati, recently. But no, we have not been in touch per se. My equation with the entire team of KZK was very good. Tabhi ki baat alag thi, aaj ki baat alag hai (trails off). Aajkal saara interaction social media pe hota hai. Information, messages and even keeping in touch- mostly loaded with emoticons.

Erica Fernandes And Parth Samthaan In Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Since it's not a Part 2 per se but a reboot, don't you think that the pressure on the full team is higher?
I am sure everyone associated with it is under pressure. But having said that, I must tell you that I am eagerly looking forward to its start. In fact, the other day I even messaged Ekta about the excitement and anticipation. Hmmm... I am going down memory lane.

I like your faith in Ekta. Look at the way she is still going strong on TV and how she bounced back in films with Veere Di Wedding...
Absolutely brilliant.

urvashi dholakia as komolika in kasautii zindagi kay
erica fernandes and parth samthaan in kasautii zindagii kay

I was skeptical- Veere Di Wedding will be outrageous and I might not like it. But when I came out, I realised that I had loved it...
(Laughs) I quite associated with that film, un dino my girl-gang and I were packing our bags for a holiday just like the Veere girls did at one point in the film.

Did you have some fun on that trip like the Veere Di Wedding girls?
I wish kuch bolne ke liye hota (laughs). The trip turned out to be disastrous in its last 3 days. We were on an isiolated island, near Bali. Boats were cancelled. It took us 13 hours to get back. There was a minor tsunami.

A Still From Veere Di Wedding

Parting shot: Do you remember the details of how you got the Komolika part?
Of course.

a still from veere di wedding

I was shooting in Balaji office for souten Bane Saheli, and Ekta called me to her cabin on first floor. One look at me and she said: You are going to be the next sex symbol of India, Komolika. I asked her what is Komolika. She said 'that's the name of your next character in a new show'. After sometime, she introduced me to her mother Shobha Kapoor but Shobhaji rejected me and said: Yeh! Yeh kaise kar payegi? 

And then?

The rest, as they say, is history?

(Laughs) You said it!

Image Source: hotstar & instagram/hinakhan, yoututbe/starplus