'Karz' survived in the era of action dominated films: Rishi Kapoor

During the special screening of 1980 musical film 'Karz', actor Rishi Kapoor who was present along with Simi Garewal and Subhash Ghai, shared his memories of the shooting of the film. Rishi revealed that 'Karz' was one such film which survived in the era of action dominated films. Adding more to it, the actor said that during that period, romantic or musical films didn't used to get positive response until the film had a combination of romance, music and storyline. When Karz was released it was well accepted by the audience but it was not a very big film because after one week of its release a film called Qurbani was released which was directed by Firoz Khan and it starred big Bollywood stars. Karz was released in 1980 and it was based on re-incarnation of singer Monty which was played by Rishi Kapoor. It also starred Tina Ambani, Simi Garewal and Rajkiran in lead roles.