Karnataka: 25-year-old man, addicted to PUBG, beheads father for scolding him

Darshan Devaiah BP
Karnataka: Son, addicted to PUBG, beheads father for scolding him on PUBG

A 25-year-old polytechnic student allegedly killed his father in Kakati village in Karnataka’s Belagavi district after being chided for his addiction to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile game.

According to the police, Raghuveer Kumbar beheaded his father Shankar Devappa Kumbhar, a 61-year-old retired policeman, after a heated argument between the two over Raghuveer’s PUBG addiction.

An enraged Raghuveer cut off his father’s head and legs, the police said. He was arrested after neighbours alerted the police who rushed to the spot.

A Belagavi police official told Indianexpress.com, A case has been registered against the accused Raghuveer (25), who was addicted to online games like PUBG. His father had repeatedly advised him not to play the game and upset with his father Raghuveer had beheaded Shankar.

A case has been registered and the investigation is on.