Karnataka School Kids 'Unhappy' With Mid-Day Meal As Akshaya Patra Foundation Serves Food With No Onion and Garlic

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New Delhi, June 4: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Akshaya Patra Foundation (APF), which serves mid-day meals to lakhs of students have come under the storm of eyes again for refusing to add onion and garlic to food. According to the APF website, the non-profit organisation serves lunch to more than 17.6 lakh school kids in 15,204 schools across 12 states in the country. Mid-day Meal Online Monitoring: Supreme Court Imposes Rs 2 Lakh Fine on Delhi, Panalises 6 Other States.

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The recent report has divided public opinion about the non-government organisation (NGO) that whether the foundation's move of cooking the food without onion and garlic is correct or not. Last year, Scroll.in reported that APF had refused to follow the directions of Karnataka government directing them to add garlic and onion to the meal. Mid-day Meal NGO Fined Rs 54,879 for Violating Health Norms: SDMC.

In a recent article by The Hindu, the school kids are not happy with the food provided in the midday mead meal and they choose instead to go home and eat. People have been sharing their views on the issue, some are in defence of the meal while some claim that the food can be made more nutritious.

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Here are some twitter reactions.

Brinda Agide, an activist speaking to Mirror Now said that a number of kids are opting out of the scheme. "Are we trying to say that the children opting out aren’t citizens of India or are we trying to say that since the charity is doing a good job and a few students who drop out of the scheme should be overlooked. It is not a case of statistic vs objective,” she said.