Karnataka Govt Mulls Resuming Regular Classes from July 1, Admission Process from Next June 8

The Karnataka government said on Tuesday it hopes to resume regular schedules in schools from July 1.

In a circular, it released an academic calendar wherein it says the admission process that was stalled after the schools were shut down following the coronavirus-induced lockdown in March should be resumed from June 8.

Besides, schools must convene meetings with parents and management committees between 10 and 15 June to discuss the kind of preparations to be made before the academic year begins.

The department of education plans to start regular classes for students of classes 4 to 7 from July 1, and for classes 1 to 3 and classes 8 to 10 from July 15.

As the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SLCC) examinations were scheduled to be held from June 25 to July 4, and senior teachers will be enlisted for evaluation work, senior classes will start only from July 15.

Kindergarten classes could begin from July 20, the circular said.

While this is not final and will be open for consultations and reviews, this is the first step the government is taking in trying to bring the education system back on track.