Karnataka govt to take legal action against Amazon after Canada unit found selling bikini with state flag

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], June 5 (ANI): After tech giant Google, e-commerce platform Amazon came under the Karnataka government's scanner when the Canadian unit of the company was allegedly found selling a bikini with Kannada state flag (yellow and red) and state emblem on it.

"Legal action will be taken against Amazon Canada, which uses the colours of the Kannada flag and the state emblem of Karnataka on panties," said Karnataka's Minister for Forest, Kannada and Culture Arvind Limbawali in a statement on Saturday.

The Minister said, "Kannada language, culture and heritage have thousands of years of history," and he condemned the "foreign corporations which are ignorant of the superiority of Kannada ground and do anything that insults Kannada."

"I have a vehement opposition to any action that would jeopardize the feeling of the Kannada. As the Minister of Kannada and Culture, I feel that it is necessary to take legal action against such an act," said Limbawali.

Earlier on Thursday, Karnataka Government said that it will take legal action against Google after a search result on its platform showed Kannada as the "ugliest language" in India. (ANI)

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