Karnataka: Govt formation in sight, BJP says Yeddyurappa will take final call

Vicky Nanjappa

Bengaluru, Sep 21: The BJP in Karnataka has empowered B S Yeddyurappa to take a call on the formation of a government in case the ruling coalition collapses. The past week has seen several developments with dissent brewing within the Congress and some of its leaders threatening to break away.

The BJP held a meeting to discuss the crisis in the government, following which it was decided that Yeddyurappa would take the final call. As many as 99 out of the 104 BJP legislators attended the meeting. Balachandra Jarkiholi, the brother of dissident Congress leader, Ramesh Jarkiholi was however absent.

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Yeddyurappa said that there were several within the Congress who were upset with the party and were ready to quit. We have nothing to do with this. In fact those leaders have stated in public that they are unhappy with the Congress. The current dispensation has a very short life span and would collapse soon, Yeddyurappa also added.

Meanwhile, B Sriramulu who has been accused of engineering the dissent said that he is not concerned. He said that Ramesh Jarkiholi can go to Delhi, resign from the Congress.

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He can go to hell for all I care. The BJP is not involved in luring anyone from the Congress into its fold, he also said.

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