How Karnataka should exit the lockdown: This is what the expert committee says

Vicky Nanjappa
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Bengaluru, Apr 09: An expert committee has submitted its report to the Karnataka government on the phased exit strategy after the 21 day lockdown ends on April 14.
The panel said, phase-wise lifting of lock down is essential to prevent public frustration, instil confidence, provide livelihood to many and consolidate the gains made so far. The report is divided into 7 categories- General public, officers and educational institutions, industry clinical management, COVID-19 testing, quarantine and transport.

General public: The lockdown will continue in localised identified hotspots for two weeks. Strict social distancing norms by be enforced even after the exit for the next weeks until May 31.

No gathering of more than 4 to 6 people should be allowed at public places. Section 144 may continue in some areas. All essential services should run and rural agriculture activities should be nurtured.

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Gyms, bars, hotels, shopping malls, religious institutions, places of entertainment, movie theatres, social functions such as marriages shall remain closed until April 30 or until further orders.

Inter-state borders should be closed other than for goods vehicles. Any place where large number of people use common toilets must be closed. Senior citizens should be strictly advised to stay indoors.

People should be encouraged to wear three layer masks, handkerchiefs,/dupattas to cover their nose and and mouth. Air travel, inter-state train journeys, other than goods must not continue for two more weeks.

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Grocery shops and all standalone shops which are not inside a mall must be kept open from early morning to late night to prevent hoarding, rush and follow social distancing.
Fruit and vegetables to be sold in retail or on a moving cart in multiple locations instead of crowded market places.

Ban chewing gums and pan to prevent spitting. Couriers supplying food and goods of all types should be given ID cards.

Offices and Educational Institutions:

  • Lockdown must continue for all educational institutions and tutorials until May 31. They should be encouraged to take online classes.

  • Encourage more work from home. However IT, BT and commercial establishments can also operate at 50 per cent strength.


  • Encourage industries to in the organised sector to reopen and function at 50 per cent of its strength. Alternate staff every other week so that everyone is in employment and gets paid fully.

  • Construction industry should also be engaged to resume activities and function at 50 per cent strength. Alternate staff every other week so that everyone is in employment and gets paid fully.

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  • No trains and intercity buses until April 30. No domestic and international flights until April 30.Intercity and interstate movements can be opened up only for goods transportation with strict control at checkpoints.

  • No metro train service until April 30. Non AC buses, Autorickshaws and two wheelers may be permitted to ply until April 30. All private taxis including Ola and Uber to be banned until April 30.

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