Karnataka Guv Asks CM to Prove Majority by 1:30 PM on Friday

The trust vote to decide the fate of the wobbly 14-month old JD(S)-Congress coalition government in Karnataka did not take place on 18 July as the Assembly was adjourned till Friday, amid acrimonious exchanges that culminated in opposition BJP members starting an overnight 'dharna' inside the House.

BJP leaders had also sought Governor Vajubhai Vala's intervention over the delay in the floor test. The Congress, meanwhile, called it an 'interference' by the governor.

This was after Congress pressed for deferring the confidence motion, moved by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, till the Assembly Speaker decides on the issue of the party's whip.

  • Karnataka Assembly on 18 July took up the debate on the confidence motion moved by CM Kumaraswamy
  • Congress has, meanwhile, pressed for deferring the floor test vote
  • Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar is yet to give a ruling on the fate of whip issued by Congress leader Siddaramaiah
  • The coalition government is on shaky ground, with 16 MLAs, 13 of the Congress and three of the JD(S), resigning

BJP MLAs Stage Overnight 'Dharna' at Vidhana Soudha

BJP leaders camp inside assembly to protest against the floor test delay

K'taka Guv Asks CM to Prove Majority by 1:30 PM on 19 July

Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala wrote a letter to Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, asking him to prove majority of the Government on the floor of the House by 1:30 pm on Friday, 19 July.

CM Reluctant to Take Floor Test: Yeddyurappa

Addressing the media after Deputy Speaker deferred the floor test in Karnataka Assembly, BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa said that the CM is reluctant because he confirmed that he has lost confidence of the house.

"We are demanding voting on the motion but the Chief Minister is reluctant to take it up as he has confirmed himself that he has lost confidence of the house and the people. Everybody knows Congress-JD(S) have only 98 MLAs, we have 105," he said.

Went to Chennai for Personal Work: Shrimant on his 'Mysterious Whereabouts'

Congress MLA Shrimant Patil on Thursday said that he went to Chennai for some personal work and felt “some pain in the chest there.”

"I visited hospital and on the suggestion of the doctor, I came to Mumbai and got admitted. Once I recover, I'll go back to Bengaluru," he said.

Earlier in the day, Congress alleged that BJP had abducted him in order to prevent him from appearing before the House for the floor test.

KPCC Writes to Bengaluru Cops over 'Abduction' of Cong MLA Shrimant Patil

Karnataka Congress on Thursday wrote to Bengaluru Police over "abduction" of Congress MLA, Shrimant Patil.

The letter states, "Prima facie, Laxman Savadhi, BJP MLA has either abducted/unlawfully restrained, by which illegally depriving his (S Patil) physical freedom."

BJP May End Up Subverting Constitutional Norms: Cong

As the trust vote in Karnataka Assembly was deferred till Friday, Congress in a release questioned BJP's plea on trust vote on Thursday.

"With BJP’s desperation to subvert Constitutional norms and to usurp power at all costs, it may end up, inadvertently, achieving the opposite objective. The Decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court has created more questions than it has answered," Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala said.

Karnataka Trust Vote Deferred, BJP to Camp at Vidhana Soudha Overnight

Amid chaos in the Karnataka Assembly, the Deputy Speaker deferred the trust vote proceedings till 11 am on 19 July. BJP however, said that the party will camp in the Assembly overnight.

House Adjourned for 10 Minutes After Cong-JD(S) Raise Slogan

After a massive uproar in the Karnataka Assembly by Congress and JD(S) MLAs, the deputy Speaker adjourned the House for 10 minutes.

Guv Should Not Interfere with House: Cong

Following Governor's direction to the Speaker over delay in the trust vote, Congress on Thursday said that the former's message amounts to interference with this House.

"The governor shall not interfere in the proceedings of this House. We've seen that the Governor's representative is present here, we welcome the person, but we (Congress) should have been informed of this development," Congress leader HK Patil said.

BJP Does Not Object Floor Test Debate But Lets Complete Proceedings: Yeddyurappa

As Governor Vajubhai Vala in a letter said that the Speaker Ramesh KR Ramesh Kumar should consider finishing the floor test by 18 July, BJP leader Yeddyurappa said that the party does not object to people speaking.

"Let it take till midnight but the trust vote must be done by today. We do not object to people speaking, let everyone speak for 5 minutes but let’s complete the proceedings," he said

Congress leader Krishna Byregowda meanwhile, said that it is the “right and privilege” of the members of the House to discuss floor test debate.

"You've already received a list of speakers on the motion. If I'm not given an opportunity then what is the point of being a member. They (BJP) said the government should have done a better job of securing the MLA, but does that give them the right to steal?,” Byregowda said.

Consider Trust Vote to End by Today: Guv to Speaker

After a BJP delegation met Vajubhai Vala over the delay in the trust vote, the Karnataka governor decided to send a special officer to the Assembly to witness the proceedings.

"Motion of confidence is in consideration at the House. The chief minister is expected to maintain confidence of the House at all times. Consider trust vote by the end of the day," the governor said.

Cong MLA Shrimant Patil Shifted to Mumbai's St George Hospital

Karnataka Congress MLA Shrimant Patil has been shifted to Mumbai's St George Hospital from Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre for further treatment.

House Adjourned till 4:30 PM

Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar adjourned the Assembly till 4:30 pm on Thursday, 18 July.

The Speaker sought time to seek legal advice on the issue of the whip imposed by Congress and JD(S) to rebel MLAs.

BJP Leader Meets State Guv, Submits Memorandum to Expedite Floor Test Vote

BJP delegation with Vajubhai Vala.

BJP leader Jagadish Shettar met with Governor Vajubhai Vala on Thursday, 18 July.

"We have submitted a memorandum to the Governor. We have requested him to direct the Speaker to go ahead with trust vote not to talk over other issues," Shettar said.

'Submit Report on Shrimant Patil': Speaker Kumar to State Home Minister

Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar on Thursday sought a report on Congress MLA Shrimant Patil from Karnataka Home Minister MB Patil.

"Please contact the family members of Shrimant Patil immediately. Give a detailed report to me by 19 July, it does not look natural. If home minister can't ensure protection, I will talk to DGP," the Speaker said.

Shivakumar Shows Photo of Cong MLA on Stretcher, Asks Speaker to Protect MLAs

Congress leader DK Shivakumar showed a picture of one of the rebel MLAs, raising questions on the state of his health.

DK Shivakumar shows a picture of Shrimant Patil, raising questions on the state of his health.

"There were eight MLAs who traveled together, here is a picture of one of them (Shrimant Patil) lying inert on a stretcher, where are these people? I'm asking the Speaker to protect our MLAs," he said.

In response, CM Kumaraswamy said: "In the case of Shrimanth Patil, you must explain who sent photos of him on WhatsApp? Who traveled with him in the flight? The Speaker has the responsibility to protect the MLAs. Numbers only matter during the vote."

Shivakumar Alleges BJP Trying to 'Kidnap' MLAs

State cabinet minister and Congress leader DK Shivakumar is showing photographs to the House to prove that BJP is are trying to “lure” Coalition MLAs.

"My party MLAs have been kidnapped. I have received calls from family members," he said.

The claims were reiterated by Dinesh Gundurao who said:

"We were all with Shrimanth Patil last night and he had dinner with us. Later, I was informed that he's missing from the resort. We couldn't find him despite searching. He was healthy but look at what the BJP has done."

Gundurao also asked that why the Maharasthra government was giving protection to the MLAs? "It shows that the BJP is completely involved in the House," Gundurao said.

BJP Delegation to Meet Guv Vajubhai, Will Request Him to Expedite Floor Test

A BJP delegation is expected to meet Governor Vajubhai Vala on 18 July to request him to intervene and expedite the floor test.

Cong-JD(S) Govt Seeks Delay of K’taka Floor Test, House Adjourned

The Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar adjourned the Assembly till 3:00 pm on Thursday, 18 July, as the Congress-JD(S) government sought a delay in the floor test.

Ruckus in House Over Debate on Rebel MLAs' Resignations

Ruckus in Karnataka Assembly over whether resignations of rebel MLAs should we discussed or not. While BJP claims it is a "non-issue", Congress argues in favour.

"“If they want to issue whip (rebels), they can. Even now. But there is no connection between the whip and confidence motion.”" - Yeddyurappa, BJP State President

DK Shivakumar said that the Yeddyurappa, as former chief minister and leader of Opposition, is misguiding the House.

Stick to Proceedings of The Day, Says BJP Leader

The deliberations should be limited to the trust vote demanded by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and not over disqualification of rebel MLAs, demanded BJP leader Mahadeva Swamy.

'Party Has Right to Issue Whip to to All MLAs,' Speaker To Siddaramaiah

Speaker Ramesh Kumar tells Siddaramaiah that a party has the right to issue whip to all its MLAs in the Karnataka Assembly.

"“The presiding officer (me) takes the view that this House holds the SC with the utmost respect. But let me make it abundantly clear that his office is not restraining you, head of CLP, from performing any of your rights or duties. So far as this house is concerned, if MLAs chooses to remain away on specific grounds and wants to seek leave of absence. They must address a letter to me, I will consider then accept or reject and inform the House accordingly.”" - KR Ramesh Kumar, Karnataka Speaker to Siddaramaiah

“When a member chooses not to come, our attendants will not permit them to sign the register of attendance. The concerned member will not be entitled to draw any emolument that is meant for the member to be drawn for being present in the House,” Kumar added.

K’taka Floor Test: SC Order Curtails Right to Issue Whip, Says Siddaramaiah

Congress leader Siddaramaiah said that the SC order was clear about discretionary powers of the Speaker but is also indirectly curtailed the party’s rights to issue a whip, as per Schedule 10.

"“Unfortunately, the SC in its interim order has only responded to one part properly i.e. discretionary powers of the speaker and their non-interference in him accepting resignations. They have not spoken about whip anywhere in the petition. This order is indirectly curtailing my rights to issue a whip as per schedule 10. This curtails other political parties as well.”" - Siddaramaiah

Trust Vote Should Be Completed in One-day: Yeddyurappa Slams Coalition Govt

BJP State President BS Yeddyurappa said that the trust vote should be completed in a day, as was the norm from 1983 to 2010.

“CM (Kumaraswamy) then said the political situation, then and now are completely different. Today, we have to prove that even PM has tried to sully the image of Karnataka by calling us a ‘khichdi’ govt. The debate is important to prove that Karnataka govt is clean and transparent,” said Yeddyurappa.

Anti-defection Law Has Not Been Struck Down: Siddaramaiah

"Anti-defection law has not be struck down by the Parliament or by any court of law," says Siddaramaiah, insisting that parties have a right given by the Constitution to issue a whip.

Another Cong Rebel MLA Reaches Mumbai

Another rebel Congress MLA Shrimant Patil from Kagwad constituency, has reached Mumbai last night. He has been admitted in Hospital in Mumbai after he complained of chest pain.

Ruckus in Assembly Amid Debate on Trust Motion

Ruckus in the Karnataka Assembly as former CM Siddaramaiah tries to raise a point about anti-defection law, reported The News Minute.

"“In a single day, one MLA defected the party three times. Madhu Dandavati raised this issue that we need reforms in parliament set up. He talked about independence must be reigned-in. All parties should bring in anti-defection law.”" - Siddaramaiah, Former Karnataka CM

BSP MLA Not Present During Trust Motion

BSP MLA N Mahesh was not present in the House during trust motion.

Kumaraswamy Moves Trust Motion

Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy moves trust motion in the Assembly.

"“Our govt is riddled with challenges and hurdles. We need to unite and work for the development of Karnataka.”" - CM HD Kumaraswamy "“I have self respect and so do my ministers. I have to make some clarifications. Who is responsible for destabilising this government?”" - CM HD Kumaraswamy

Kumaraswamy Starts Speaking Ahead of Floor Test

Karnataka Assembly session begins. CM Kumaraswamy starts speaking ahead of the floor test

"“I haven’t come just because there is a question on whether I can run a coalition government or not. Events have shown that even the role of the Speaker has been put under jeopardy by some legislators.”" - CM HD Kumaraswamy

CM Kumaraswamy Arrives at Vidhan Soudha

Sec 144 Imposed Around Vidhan Soudha

Section 144 imposed around Karnataka’s Vidhan Soudha ahead of trust vote.

BJP MLAs Arrive at Vidhan Soudha

BJP State President BS Yeddyurappa and BJP MLAs arrive at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru. Karnataka government will be facing floor test today.

"“We are 101% sure that the coalition will suffer a setback. They are less than 100 while we are 105.”" - BS Yeddyurappa to The Hindu

Fate of Cong-JD(S) Govt Hangs in Balance, to Face Trust Vote Today

The Congress-JDS government in Karnataka is hanging by a thread ahead of the floor test on 18 July, with the rebel MLAs refusing to yield after the Supreme Court held they cannot be compelled to attend the assembly session to decide the ruling coalition's fate.

As the coalition with truncated strength struggled to shore up its numbers amid fading hopes, the Supreme Court Wednesday ruled that the 15 rebel Congress-JD(S) MLAs "ought not" to be compelled to participate in the proceedings of the ongoing session of the state Assembly.

The court verdict was interpreted in political circles as a relief for the rebel lawmakers, as it categorically said an option should be given to them as to whether they wanted to take part or stay out of the assembly proceedings.

The ruling coalition had held out the threat of using the Whip against the wayward MLAs, citing the disqualification provision under the anti-defection law.

Ramalinga Reddy to Vote for Congress

Ramalinga Reddy confirms that he will remain in Congress party and vote in favour of Karnataka govt in Thursday's trust vote, reported news agency ANI.

JD(S) Issues Whip to MLAs Ahead of Trust Vote

JD(S) on Wednesday issued whip to its MLAs including rebels H Vishwanath, Narayana Gowda and H Gopalaiah, to be present for trust vote at Vidhana Soudha on 18 July.

Whip states if session isn't attended or voting is done against party, action will be initiated under Anti-defection law.

CM Kumaraswamy Holds Meeting with Cong MLAs Ahead of Trust Vote

Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy and Deputy CM G Parameshwara hold meeting with Congress MLAs at Prakriti Resort ahead of trust vote on 18 July.

Rebel MLAs Have to Seek Permission to Skip Floor Test: Cong

The Congress on Wednesday said that the rebel Karnataka MLAs have to seek permission of the Speaker in order to to skip the floor test once the party has issued a whip.

The Speaker, KR Ramesh Kumar, has confirmed that no permission has been sought till now.

Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Krishna Byre Gowda, meanwhile, said that the SC's order on the Karnataka political crisis nullifying the whip has "restricted party's rights."

"We have the right to impose a whip. We also asked Speaker to clarify on this and he said that you are free to challenge it. The Speaker added if somebody violates the party's whip, it is up to the party to move a petition against such persons," Gowda added.

SC Order on Karnataka Crisis Seems to Protect Defectors: KPCC

The Congress in Karnataka has termed the SC's order on the political crisis in the state as "bad judgment", which seemed to protect the defectors and encourage horse-trading.

In a series of tweets, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president Dinesh Gundu Rao termed it an "extraordinary order".

Cong Meets Karnataka Speaker, Demands Disqualification of 3 Rebel MLAs

The Congress party on Wednesday, 17 July, demanded the disqualification of three rebel Karnataka MLAs – Ramesh Jarkiholi, Mahesh Kumtahalli and R Shankar – under the anti-defection law.

Congress had demanded the disqualification of Jarkiholi and Kumtahalli during the Budget session as well, alleging that BJP was trying to topple the coalition government.

Meanwhile, a fresh petition demanding Shankar's disqualification was moved on Wednesday. A meeting is underway at the Karnataka Speaker's chamber with senior Congress leaders.

After the meeting, the Speaker will be meeting a BJP delegation.

Cong Says SC Order Nullifying Whip Sets 'Terrible Judicial Precedent'

The Congress on Wednesday said the SC order on the Karnataka political crisis nullifying the whip and providing "blanket protection" to MLAs who have betrayed public mandate sets a "terrible judicial precedent".

"SC's order nullifying the whip & by extension, operation of Constitution's Xth Schedule to punish MLAs betraying the public mandate, sets a terrible judicial precedent!" Congress' spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said in a series of tweets.

"Blanket protection to MLAs, who are driven not by ideology but by far baser concerns, is unheard-of," he said.

No Question of Going Back on Resignations, Will Not Attend Assembly: Rebel MLAs

Hailing the Supreme Court's direction on the Karnataka political crisis, rebel Congress-JD(S) MLAs camping in Mumbai said there was no question of going back on their resignations from the Assembly or attending the session.

"We are happy with the decision of the Honourable Supreme Court, we honour it," rebel Congress MLA BC Patil said in a video released to the media, a day ahead of the trial of strength in the Karnataka assembly.

Flanked by 11 other Congress-JD(S) MLAs who have quit, he said, "We all are together and whatever decision we have taken.. at any cost no question of going back (on resignations). We stand by our decision. No question of going to the Assembly."

'Party Can Issue Whip and Take Necessary Action': DK Shivakumar

Speaking on SC's verdict in the Karnataka rebel MLAs case, Congress troubleshooter DK Shivakumar said, "This landmark judgment has given strength to democratic process. Some BJP friends are trying to misguide that whip is not valid, but the party can issue a whip and take necessary action as per anti-defection law."

'Welcome SC's Decision, A Moral Victory for Rebel MLAs': Yeddyurappa

Speaking after SC’s verdict, BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa said the Congress-JD(S) government would “not last because they do not have the numbers.”

"“Karnataka CM has lost his mandate. When there is no majority, he must resign tomorrow. I welcome SC’s decision, it’s the victory of Constitution and democracy, a moral victory for rebel MLAs. It’s only an interim order, SC will decide on powers of Speaker in the future.”" - BS Yeddyurappa, BJP

Three-Line Whip Against Rebel MLAs Not Operative Now: Mukul Rohatgi

Speaking on the apex court verdict, Mukul Rohatgi, who was representing the rebel MLAs, said the three-line whip issued against them to attend the House on Thursday is not operative in view of the SC judgment.

"The court has said that the (Karnataka) matter will be fully thrashed out at a later date," he added.

Responsible to Make Sure SC Order and Constitutional Values Are Upheld: Speaker

Reacting to the SC order in the Karnataka matter, Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar said, "With humility, I will accept the Supreme Court (order) and I respect it. There is an additional responsibility of me. I have the responsibility to make sure their (SC) order and the constitutional values are upheld."

MLAs to Not Be Compelled to Participate in Trust Vote, Says SC

The Supreme Court on Wednesday permitted Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar to decide on the resignations of 15 rebel MLAs within such time-frame as deemed appropriate by him. Once the decision is taken, it should be placed before the court.

The discretion of the Karnataka Assembly Speaker in deciding on the resignations should not be fettered by direction or observations of court, the SC said.

The apex court also said that the 15 rebel MLAs should not be compelled to participate in the trust vote to be held on Thursday.

'CM Will Lose the Mandate': BS Yeddyurappa

Shortly before the SC verdict on the Karnataka matter, BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa said, "We are waiting for the Supreme Court's decision, the MLAs who have resigned will not be affected. Tomorrow, the CM is going to move the confidence motion, he will lose the mandate, let us see what will happen.”

Speaker Summons Two Rebel MLAs Over Their Resignations

Assembly Speaker Ramesh Kumar has summoned rebel MLAs MTB Nagaraju and Sudhakar on Wednesday over their resignations. He is also expected to meet Ramalinga Reddy.

"No Point in Speculating Outcome of SC Order": Speaker Ramesh Kumar

Speaker Ramesh Kumar, on Tuesday, 16 July, told reporters that there is no point in speculating what the SC order will be. "Since the court is deliberating, there is no point in me making any statement about my future actions.”

SC Reserves Order, to Pronounce Judgment on Wednesday

Supreme Court to pronounce order on Karnataka MLAs resignation at 10.30 AM on Wednesday, 17 July.

Rohatgi Submits Counter, Says No Mandate to Find Out Reason

Mukul Rohatgi, while submitting his counter argument, said that the Speaker has no mandate uner the Constitution of India to go into the mind of the MLAs and find out the reason to resign.

He further said that the state government has lost majority and the Speaker is only waiting to prop up a government which is in minority.

Rohatgi concluded his arguments saying, “I have a fundamental right to resign and walk away.”

'SC Doesn't Entertain Article 32 Unless Human Rights are at Stake': Dhawan

Dr Rajeev Dhawan, arguing for CM Kumaraswamy, said that the Supreme Court, regardless of jurisdiction, doesn’t entertain matters related to Article 32 unless there is a fundamental right involved.

The Motive Behind Resignations is Ministerial Berths, Says CM's Lawyer

Dr Rajeev Dhavan, the lawyer arguing for Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy, said that it is the strategy of the other side (BJP) that the MLAs will be given ministerial berths if the government collapses.

He said that they have clearly said once resignations are accepted they will later become Ministers.

"“So that motive is what Speaker has to go into. They are hunting in pack.”" - Dr Rajeev Dhavan

He further said that the rebel MLAs flew to Bombay when they could have met the Speaker.

10th Schedule Needs 'Rethinking': CJI Tells Singhvi

As Abhishek Singhvi brought in the Kihoto Hollonan vs Zachillhu And Others case, the Chief Justice has said that the 10th Schedule needs a rethink as it gives the Speaker a very high stature.

He said that in 1992, the judgment gave very high stature to Speaker and to Schedule 10 but in the last 25/30 years it has been degraded.

Bench Rises for Lunch, to Resume at 2 pm

The Supreme Court bench has risen for lunch. The matter will now resume at 2 pm for further arguments. Singhvi will conclude his arguments and then Dr Rajeev Dhavan will argue for Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy.

Actually a Case of Disqualification: Singhvi Argues

Abhishek Singhvi, while arguin for the Speaker, told the Supreme Court that this case is actually a disqualification case and Kihoto Hollohan applies.

Kihoto Hollonan vs Zachillhu And Others was a case where an SC bench analysed in detail the various provisions of the 52nd amendment of the constitution which inserted a new schedule elaborating various provisions to protect the parties from defection

Resignation Can't Be an Escape Route to Avoid Disqualification: Speaker's Council

Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the lawyer representing the Karnataka Speaker, said that Resignations cannot be an escape route to avoid disqualification, arguing that the MLAs submitted their resignations to avoid disqualification from the Assembly.

"“How can they resign and get rid of disqualification?”" - Abhishek Manu Singhvi in Supreme Court

SC Should Give Speaker a Set Time Frame to Make Decision: Rohatgi

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, when asked that what is it that the council representing the rebel MLAs demands, Rohatgi said that as they did on the first day, the SC should give the Speaker a set time frame, within which he should make his decision.

Rohatgi further concluded his arguments, saying that the Stand of Speaker is no direction, is contemplated against the Speaker under Article 192.

Went to See Doctor: Ramalinga Reddy on Not Meeting Speaker on Monday

Rebel Karnataka Congress MLA Ramalinga Reddy, on Tuesday told news agency ANI that he did not attend the meeting with the Speaker regarding his resignation on Monday as he had gone to see the Doctor. He further said that he will go on Tuesday, 16 July or Wednesday, 17 July - whenever the speaker’s office calls him.

Reddy also told the news agency that the reason of his resignation was internal.

Attempt to Stutter Resignations, Says MLAs' Council

Mukul Rohatgi, the lawyer representing the rebel MLAs told the Supreme Court that the resignations should be decided in its own turn and sphere under Article 190, which says that if resignation is by hand and there is no other material, the Speaker has to take a decision as fast as possible - he cannot keep it pending despite the pendency in disqualification proceedings.

He said that he is not against the disqualifications, Bar and Bench quoted the lawyer as saying.

"“I am not saying quash the disqualification proceedings. Disqualification can go on.”" - Mukul Rohatgi

When asked on what grounds should the disqualifications go ahead, he said that not acting in consonance with the Party could be one. He further said his case is that even disqualification proceedings, cannot be a bar for resignation, as quoted by BarandBench.

"“This (disqualification proceedings) is nothing but an attempt to stutter the resignations.”" - Mukul Rohatgi

Hearing Begins in SC, MLAs Argue Can't be Forced to Stay MLAs

Hearing in the matter of rebel Karnataka MLAs begins in the Supreme Court. The hearing is for the case filed by 10 rebel MLAs demanding the Karnataka Speaker to accept their resignation.

Mukul Rohatgi, representing the 10 rebel MLAs, according to ANI, has told the apex court that if a person does not want to be an MLA. no one can force him or her.

"“It is my right to do what I want to do. Speaker is infringing that right of mine, submits Rohatgi.”" - Mukul Rohatgi

SIT Arrests Suspended Cong MLA Baig, Tweets Kumaraswamy

The special investigation team probing the multi-crore IMA Jewels ponzi scam detained Congress MLA Roshan Baig when he was about to board a chartered plane from the Bengaluru airport, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said Monday.

The chief minister alleged that BJP state chief BS Yeddyurappa's personal assistant Santhosh was with Baig when he was leaving, a charge rubbished by the BJP.

Baig, the MLA from Shivajinagar, was suspended from the Congress for his alleged anti-party activities as he had rebelled against the party leaders.

Congress Leaders Hold Meeting in Bengaluru

Congress leaders hold meeting in Bengaluru. Discussion on vote of confidence will be taken up on 18 July at 11 am in Karnataka Assembly, reported ANI.

Karnataka MLAs in Mumbai May Skip Trust Vote

The Karnataka rebel MLAs in Mumbai are unlikely to fly to Bengaluru on Thursday when the Congress-JD(S) government would face the floor test, a source involved in coordinating the stay of the legislators said, as reported by PTI.

PTI reported that MLAs staying at the Mumbai luxury hotel do not see any reason to be present at the floor test as they are firm on their resignations.

Confident That the Motion Will Be Defeated and CM Will Resign: Yeddyurappa

BS Yeddyurappa said, “Today at the Speaker's meeting, we have discussed in detail and CM himself has expressed his desire to move a confidence motion on Thursday. For that we have agreed and we told the Speaker that in between this we don't want to discuss any business in the Assembly. Let us wait for Thursday. ”

He added, “15 (MLAs) in Mumbai and 2 independents, another 2 persons have promised us, so we have got 100% confidence that the motion will be defeated and CM will have to resign.”

“I am quite confident that BJP government will come into existence in the next three to four days. The BJP will give the best administration in Karnataka," Yeddyurappa told reporters in Bengaluru.

Ramalinga Reddy's Appointment with Speaker Rescheduled for 16 July

Rebel Congress MLA Ramalinga Reddy has failed to turn up for meeting with Speaker regarding his resignation. The appointment has been rescheduled to 4 pm on Tuesday.

Assembly Adjourned Till Thursday, House Meet on Wednesday to Take Up Dicsussion

The Karnataka Assembly session, on Monday 15 July was adjourned till Thursday, 18 July, when the trust vote in the state will be taken up.

The BJP had earlier requested that no session should take place till on Tuesday, 16 July and Wednesday, 17 July.

Eshwar Khandre, Congress leader said that the party would have liked for important matters to be discussed on these two days but Opposition doesn’t want that to happen.

Discussion on Vote of Confidence on Thursday 11 AM: Siddaramaiah

Former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah, on Monday 15 July, told the media that the vote of confidence will be taken up on Thursday at 11 am in the Karnataka Assembly.

Have Sought to Move No-Confidence Motion Against Cong-JD(S) Govt

BJP leader CT Ravi, on Monday 15 July said that his party has already sought to move a no-confidence motion against the Congress-JD(S) government, news agency PTI reported.

HD Kumaraswamy, DK Shivakumar Meet Speaker

Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and Congress leader DK Shivakumar, on Monday 15 July met with the assembly speaker. The meeting, according to reports has ended and the assembly session is about to start.

Congress leader DK Shivakumar.
Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy exits the speaker’s office.

BJP Leaders Cancel Pre-assembly Session Meeting

The BJP leaders have cancelled their meeting with MLAs, will meet at Vidhana Soudha directly before the Assembly session.

Kumaraswamy, Deve Gowda Hold Talks

Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy and HD Revanna arrived at HD Deve Gowda’s residence to hold talks, ahead of the Assembly session at 12:30 pm.

SC Agrees to Hear Plea of 5 More Karnataka Rebel MLAs on 16 July

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear plea of five more Karnataka rebel MLAs on Tuesday, 16 July, along with petition of 10 legislators seeking acceptance of resignation, reports PTI.

I Have Faith in the Speaker, He Will Act as Per Law: Yeddyurappa

Former Karnataka CM and BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa on Monday, 15 July, told reporters that “All the MLAs will meet in my chambers and come to a decision. I have faith in the Speaker and know that he will act as per the law.”

Our future course of action will be decided at the meeting, Yeddyurappa reportedly said.

BJP Leaders Cancel Scheduled Meeting With MLAs

The BJP leaders have reportedly cancelled the scheduled meeting with the MLAs. They will now directly meet at the Vidhana Soudha before the Assembly session starts at 12:30 pm.

Rebel MLAs Write to Mumbai Police

The rebel MLAs from Karnataka Congress and JD(S) wrote to the Mumbai Police, seeking additional security, as senior leaders from the party are expected to visit them today.

Congress Steps up Efforts to Persuade MLA to Withdraw Resignation from Assembly

The Congress on Sunday intensified efforts to persuade another rebel MLA Ramalinga Reddy to withdraw his resignation from the Karnataka Assembly, in a desperate bid to save the Congress-JD(S) government that is teetering in the wake of resignation of its legislators. Congress state working president Eshwar Khandre and senior leader HK Patil had a meeting with BTM Layout MLA Ramalinga Reddy at his residence for about two hours.

The meeting with Reddy came on a day rebel Congress MLA MTB Nagaraj headed to Mumbai after talks on Saturday to mollify him appeared to have failed. However, a state Congress leader expressed confidence that he has gone to bring back another disgruntled lawmaker.

Coalition Leaders in Hectic Parleys on Future Course of Action

Leaders of the crisis-hit ruling Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka were locked in hectic parleys on Sunday, 14 July, to discuss the future course of action to save the government that is on the brink of collapse.

However, the embattled leaders continued with efforts to woo back some legislators who have resigned, especially seven time Congress MLA Ramalinga Reddy, ahead of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s trust vote expected this week.

This, even as rebel legislators, who are camped in Mumbai, made it clear that they were united and "firm" on their resignations.

Meanwhile, opposition BJP reiterated that the coalition has lost majority and demanded that Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy resign immediately or seek a trust vote on Monday itself.

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