Karnataka Court Orders Rs 1.5 Lakh Compensation to Driver Involved in Accident, Says Mistakes Inevitable As 'Men Are Not Machines'

Team Latestly

Bengaluru, August 23: “To err is human,” acquired a new meaning and dimension after Karnataka High Court’s observation in a case involving a truck driver. Siddeshwara, a minitruck driver, met with an accident truck in 2010, will receive a compensation of Rs 1.5 lakh with 12 percent interest rate. Noida: Truck Driver Lynched by Toll Plaza Bouncers After Failing to Pay Rs 14,600 Fine.

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The court also said in its observation in the case that “men are not machines” and that an employee cannot be expected to work flawlessly every single time.

Judge V Veerappa said in his observation regarding compensation that it's established beyond doubt that men working in factories or other places are "human beings and not machines." He also added that human beings are prone to mistakes as imperfections are part of a human being's personality.

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The court observed that no man can work without making mistakes and that attention of a person can wander when one works at something for a "long period of time."

"Imperfections of this kind form the hazards of employment and bring a case of this nature within the meaning of Employee's Compensation Act," eobserved the judge. The judge took into account the expenses incurred by the truck driver and his state of employment during the time of accident to rule him the compensation amount.