Karnataka Cabinet Approves State Flag, 'Tricolour' Awaits Centre's Nod

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    This K'flag is very nice but the repercussions {first of all what is the need as our "Tricolor" with Saffron-White-Green+Blue AshokChakra is more beautiful} could be devastating as many other states might go for their own if this is approved. What about the national integrity?!
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    Thank you Sidda. Now discard Hindi and go for Two language formula, i.e. Kannada and English.
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    Before poll process starts it is a way of instigating the local feeling of provincialism to harvest Kannadiga votes. Considering the rich heritage of Kannadigas in national politics, whom are the congress and Siddaramaiah fooling ?
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    Mr Siddaramaiah can also suggest Mr RG formchange of Congress flag on two counts. One utmost respect to the National flag, and the other fulfilling Mahatma wish /advice to have different flag for Congress Party.
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    We dont need seperatists, extermists pakistanis chinese etc to divide india... these politicians are enough... just for votes he is fueling the flag demand... our country is already suffering by giving special status and seperate flag to jammu and kashmir.... now all states will demand seperate state flag.....
    modiji reject it outright if you are really in for one india then just reject even if you loose this karnataka state.... just a state flag will NOT define the next government...
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    Mohammed Zahid
    These are the fruits of Hate's seed sown by BJP . Bcoz of their communal and religious politics the india is getting ready to divide into one more pakistan on Gaurakshak politics, other Dravidian country on language politics, other Dalit country on Brahmin politics. Therefore stop imposing RSS ideology on others otherwise one nation will cease to exist.
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    I am pround indian also proud kannadiga, I reject this . Meaningless act ONE INDIA ONE CONSTITUTION ONE FLAG..useless guy election stunt
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    CONgress can go to any depth in order to do politics.
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    This CM is playing very dangerous political game whch may in near future create hatred. Karnataka should have shown leadership in India and not narrowmindness. Remember that in today's India, people from all states are living in all states. There will be repurcussion to every act. Just to remain as CM and to promote son's political career, do not play politics on caste, language, religion and PFI.History will not forgive you.