‘Karen’ Harasses Black Man, Throws Puppy at Him and Accuses Him of Stealing the Dog in California, Viral Twitter Thread Captures the Woman’s Racist Rant (Watch Videos)

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Racism is a bigger problem, and it has divided people for centuries. White people in the United States of America have had an awakening, prompted by the brutal murders of countless black and brown people. White Americans are holding other white Americans accountable for systematic oppression. There are videos and posts coming up on social media that shows some white women and men holding visible grudges against the people of colour. Dubbed as ‘Karen’ by social media users to satirise the class-based racism black people often face, another video has surfaced online that captures a woman harassing a black man, throwing a puppy at him and then accusing him of stealing the dog in California. The viral Twitter thread capture the entire incident of the woman’s racist rant has shocked people online, once again. From Martin Luther King Jr to Nelson Mandela, These Sayings by Historical Figures Who Also Fought Racism Are Must Read.

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The archetypal Karen is a white woman who views non-whiteness is a threat and is often captured ranting and even calling authorities on people of colour for minor on fictitious infringements. On October 10, a video went viral on social media that shows a woman throwing a dog she was holding at a man. It happened after the woman appeared to harass and get into a verbal altercation with the man. Twitter user @Mulaflare posted the video of the altercation on social media. When the clip starts, the two are already in the mid-conflict, with the woman aggressively walking towards the man, who is filming her. She is using one arm to hold what is apparently her dog. Little White Kids Doing Black Lives Matter Protest by Carrying Their Black Friends in a Toy Cart is The Cutest BLM Demonstration.

“Why you holding the dog like that?” the man can be heard asking the woman, who continues to approach him and paces back and forth in from of him, while rambling. In the later part of the video, the woman can be heard telling the man, “You are Black.” She adds, when he asked her to repeat what she said, “I said, you are black.” The man responds, “So what if I am fuc**** black?” She then spits on the ground and says, “So what if I am fuc**** white.” The man tells her she is the one who brought up racism in the rant and not him. Airbnb Host's Racist Rant Goes Viral After She Calls Guest 'Monkey' and Kicks Them Out.

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Watch the Video:

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When the man asks her if she owns the dog, she throws the puppy at the man. The dog landed on the ground on its back and ran towards the man while yelping in pain. It continues to hide between the man’s legs in fear. The woman then accuses the man of stealing the dog.

The Dog is Safe

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It is not clear if the woman owns the dog, but follow-up tweets from the person who took the video show that he has kept the possession of the puppy and even opened a GoFundMe page urging users to donate to help the dog.

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