Karan Rastogi Opens Up About Journey of Coaching Hong Kong Davis Cup and Fed Cup Teams

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Tennis coach Karan Rastogi, who was once world number four, recently revealed how his journey of coaching Hong Kong Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams has been like.

During the Instagram live chat with coach M. Balachandran, Rastogi spoke about how his life as a coach in Hong Kong has been like in these eight years.

The 33-year-old was quoted by the The Hindu as saying, “After coaching a few players for about six months in Mumbai, I came to Hong Kong on a 10-month contract. It is already eight years, and I have got a permanent residency here”.

Even though today he is a well-known coach there, it was not the same when he had moved to Hong Kong. The teams found it difficult to trust him as they had never seen him play.

Karan took the decision of moving from active tennis to coaching in the year 2012. He made this decision after his injury did not get fixed even after the surgery.

During the conversation, he also mentioned how his success is a result of the kind of sacrifices his parents made. He said, “The sacrifice of my mom and dad, you can’t put in words. All credit to them”.

The tennis coach also touched upon how his coaches namely Sanjay Poddar and Marc Sophoulis helped him improve his game. Karan credits Sanjay for making him disciplined and for being the driving force.

Speaking about Sanjay, who had started training him when he was only eight years old, Karan said, "He was always direct, sincere and very honest. He got me into a lot of things like yoga. He changed me. Made me disciplined and focused. He was the driving force. He made a big difference to my career”.

Giving an insight about his Australian coach Marc, he said, “Marc was young and we clicked right away. I was not a tactically smart player. He made me think very different and analyse my game. I became a more complete player after working with him”.

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