Karan Oberoi Rape Case: Major Relief for Actor, Court Doubts Complainant’s Rape and Blackmail Story

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The latest update on the Karan Oberoi rape case turns out in favor of the actor.

The rape case on actor Karan Oberoi took a turn in favor of the actor when the Dindoshi Sessions Court announced that it found it ‘difficult to believe the initial story of rape’. For those who came in late, actor and singer Karan Oberoi was arrested on May 5 after a 34-year old woman accused him of intoxicating her drink, raping her and filming the whole incident, which then the actor used to extort money from her. The actor’s bail plea was rejected on May 17, however, this recent hearing has come as a huge relief for Karan. Rape Accused Karan Oberoi’s Bail Application Rejected by Supreme Court

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Detailing the order, a report in TOI Online read, “The story in respect of sexual intercourse by the administration of intoxicating substance is difficult to believe for the reason that the informant is said to have left for her house soon after the incident. The story in respect of extortion under intimidation to make the video go viral is also difficult to believe looking to the fact that the informant continued to give gifts to the applicant from time to time and also looking into the WhatsApp messages showing their continuous cordial relationship.”

Also quoted in the report was Additional Sessions Judge S U Baghele, who noted, “The perusal of WhatsApp messages on record reveal they went to the extent of chatting in obscene language. It is also seen they had developed intimacy. However, there is no message to the extent that the actor had promised to marry her.” The court also made note of the “costly articles gifted by the informant to the applicant and his relatives and transfer of huge sums of money by the informant to the bank account of the applicant.” Karan Oberoi, Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Rachanaa Parulkar: Take a Look at the TV Newsmakers of the Week

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He also added, “A prudent person can understand one-sided love wherein one may be prepared to give up everything blindly for someone else. However, the acceptance of valuable things and money by another person would cause one to think in a different direction. The applicant as a prudent person cannot be expected to have accepted them unless the relationship between them was a committed relationship, thereby inclined to get united together as life partners.”

The judge further said, “In that view of the matter though, this court, prima facie, finds it difficult to believe the initial story of rape, continued sexual intercourse, either by expressly or by impliedly pretending to an intention of marriage, which amounts to rape, as the intention appears to be otherwise than to get married since inception.”