Karan Johar's video being examined by forensics; Narcotics 'police' awaits report

The probe into Karan Johar's party video has intensified and the crackdown by the Narcotics Control Bureau is gathering steam. A forensic team is now examining the video and the report will be submitted in a few days from now. The Narcotics body is awaiting the forensic report is looking at summoning 'A-listers' who they feel are allegedly involved in drug use.

The Narcotics team has also arrested drug peddlers Rahil Rafat. He is believed to be a key to unearthing a bigger conspiracy. During questioning, as per the Narcotics body's sources, Rahil Rafat said that his boss is the kingpin in the entire case and he is the one who was called the 'handler' and is in touch with several A-listers in Bollywood.

Ravi, a political analyst, explains that those people who take drugs are not the real culprits, they must be rehabilitated. Shaina, a Spokesperson from BJP states that the Ministry of Home Affairs said that there isn't a Bollywood-drug-nexus, she further adds, if a clean-up is required the Narcotics Control Bureau will do it.

Priyanka, an advocate tells Times Now that anyone who commits an illegal act is still answerable before the law.

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