Karan Johar on Feeling ‘Spineless’, Arnab Goswami and Kangana

Karan Johar got candid in an interaction with Barkha Dutt at a town hall, on Wednesday, where he didn’t shy away from talking about his sexuality, Kangana Ranaut, Kajol, the Censor Board and more.

Here’s a round up of his talk from the evening.

Karan Johar and Barkha Dutt at the town hall on Wednesday. (Photo: The Quint)

‘I Felt Spineless After Doing the Apology Video for ADHM’

Everyone remembers the “hostage” video that Karan posted online after the Shiv Sena threatened to block his film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s release post the Uri attack because it featured Pakistani actors.

Karan said that he had never felt more vulnerable in his life making that video at gun point, metaphorically speaking. “I felt spineless after having to apologise in the hostage video.”

‘CBFC Should Certify, Not Censor’

During the interaction, The Quint asked him for his take on the Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC) recent censorship spree — from banning ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ to censoring a Barkha Dutt reference in ‘Noor’. With a sharp response, he said:

The CBFC is a certification board, not a censor board. So, they should certify, not censor. We should follow what UK does, giving different ratings to movies.

‘I Am a Fan of Kangana... I’ll Invite Her to My Next Party’

The much-talked about controversy around the war of words between Kangana and Karan got its share of limelight at this event as well.

When asked if he’ll apologise to her for saying she should stop playing the victim and the “woman card”, he had this to say:

I felt attacked, why should I apologise? She had an opinion and I respect that, but I had my opinion to give as well.

But he did offer a tongue-in-cheek proposal for ending the whole fiasco.

I am a fan of Kangana. I didn’t call her to my last party, but I’ll call her to my next party.

On His Relations With Kajol and Ajay Devgn

In his book ‘The Unsuitable Boy’, Karan publicly narrated the discord between him and his long-time friend and lady luck Kajol.

When asked about what went wrong and if it was because of Ajay Devgn, he said:

Some relationships and friendships have an expiry date... I have no relationship with that man (Ajay Devgn). He was never a friend or even an acquaintance.

On Arnab Goswami’s Accusation

Recently, Arnab Goswami hinted at the filmmaker being the reason behind his exit from Times Now.

Arnab said: “I feel truly sad when some film director calls up a media proprietor and says, ‘Why is this channel asking questions about me, and about why Pakistani artists are acting in my film?’ and the media proprietor gets scared. That’s very unfortunate.”

Karan Johar was evasive on the subject and made light of the situation by saying:

I feel important. I didn’t know I had the power to do that. Leave that, I didn’t know I could ask anyone to leave this room.

Homosexuality and Trolls

Since the 90s, Karan’s sexuality continues to be a hot topic for the paparazzi. He reiterated what he has always maintained when questioned about coming out with this sexuality.

I wont say it to turn an important part of my life into a big headline. I have done a lot about the LGBT community through my words and work. There’s no point in saying those three words.

He is one of the celebrities the trolls love to vilify. And more often than not it’s about his sexuality.

He said he is just indifferent to what the trolls have to say and sometimes likes to have a bit of fun as well.

A lot of times men tweet to me wanting to trade sexual favours for roles. Sometimes I try to be funny about it and say shove a missile up your a** if you want to be launched.

Rapid Fire With KJo

No interaction with Karan Johar is complete without reversing roles and playing a round of rapid fire with him.

Barkha: “You have to say one word that comes to mind when I say the following...”

Barkha: Parenthood
KJo: Responsibility

Barkha: Shah Rukh Khan
KJo: Love

Barkha: Salman Khan
KJo: Respect

Barkha: Aamir Khan
KJo: Respect

B: Kangana
K: *silence* (Audience bursts into laughter)