Karan Johar's Advice to Gay Man Who is Married to a Woman Makes So Much Sense - Watch Video

Snehal Rajani

While a lot of gays and lesbians have come out of the closet, homosexuality is still a taboo and looked down upon by many, especially in a country like India. Imagine the plight of a gay guy, brought up by typical Indian parents, who marry him off to a woman! Of course his life would be difficult. What would he do in such a tough situation?

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Samrat, a 28-year-old gay man called up Karan Johar on his radio chat show, Calling Karan and discussed a similar issue with him. Samrat revealed that he was married off to a girl when he was 27 and his wife isn't aware of him being gay. Obviously, he is attracted to a couple of other guys at work and wants to initiate a conversation with them, but he fails to talk about his sexuality to his parents and wife. When Karan Johar got to know of Samrat's situation, he gave him a precious advice where he asked him to confess about him being gay to his wife. The ace filmmaker also asked Samrat to apologise to his wife for not letting her know about it before they got married.

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Watch Karan's advice to a gay man here:

Personally, I think KJo did just the right thing! He managed to explain things to Samrat so maturely that we don't think anybody else could have done it any better. What do you think of Karan's advice to the gay man? Tell us in the comments below.