Kapil Sharma In A Negative Role In His Next Film? His Firangi Co-star Ishita Dutta Spills Some Beans – Exclusive

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Is Kapil Sharma Unprofessional? His Firangi Co-Star Ishita Dutta Makes Some Revelations

Ishita Dutta reveals all about her experience of working with Kapil Sharma

After being away from the small screen for some time now, Kapil Sharma is back to regale us, albeit on the big screen. The comedy king is all set to enthrall us with his second film, Firangi, which is all set to hit theatres on November 24, 2017. Call it a comedy and Kapil is quick to set the record straight, “It is a dramedy actually, drama + comedy.” He also assures us that while most of his fans and audience expects him to stick to his comedy character and make them laugh their guts out, they will get to see him do that and more when the film releases.

Kapil also tells us that while audience have just seen him doing comedy, most feel that that’s all that he knows. But he reveals that much before he made an appearance on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007, he was a theatre person, performing to live audience and playing characters that ranged from highly emotional and pensive to romantic and dramatic.

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His Firangi co-star Ishita Dutta, who also joined us for a quick chat, was prompt to point out how Kapil is more than just a comedy actor. “He is so natural in any scene, be it comedy or serious that it’s a revelation. Working with him I got a lesson in effortless acting and how being just your natural self can add oodles of charm to the character  you are portraying on screen,” says Ishita.

Ask her what role Kapil should try in his next film after Firangi and with just a pause to ponder, she declares, “A grey character.” A little unimaginable? We pointed out the same. But Ishita assures us that Kapil is totally capable of wowing us while playing a villain as well. “That’s the thing, people haven’t seen him do anything else other than comedy and therefore they feel he can only do that. But I feel he will make a great villain, perhaps a quirky one, and be convincing at it. He is a brilliant actor who strives for perfection so it won’t be a difficult feat for him,” she says making Kapil promise us all that he will seriously consider taking up such a role in his third film.