Kapil Sharma on Crashing SRK’s Party & His Deepika Obsession

After all that drama, Kapil Sharma finally made his way to Karan Johar’s couch. While we can’t be sure if it was an elaborate PR stunt or there was a just a lovers’ tiff between the two, but perhaps one of the most awaited episodes of this season did not disappoint.

While his opening monologue was for once a reality check for himself, Kapil also remarked that he thought Karan inviting him for the show was a prank.

Following is all that went down on the episode, ICYMI.

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

Are You Sure You’ll Air This Episode?

Kapil kept asking Karan if it was a prank that he was called on to the show and asked his interviewer:

Are you sure you’re going to air this show?

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

He confessed that he felt weird being on the other side of the interview.

On His Popularity

While Johar asked Sharma how he felt about the super-stardom he has attained in a short span of 4-5 years, Kapil said that no one talks about the initial struggle.

Laga toh thha ki kaafi kuch kaam karoonga zindagi mein par yeh nahi pata thha ki kisi din Koffee with Karan pe aaunga! (I always believed that I would do something in life, but I never expected to come on Koffee with Karan.)

He said that he did struggle for 10-12 years before his big break.

How Did he Become Mr Funnybones?

Kapil confessed that he wasn’t told by people that he was a funny guy and said he gets his humour from his parents.

Oddly enough, he said that his parents would fight which would leave him in splits and peals of laughter.

Sharma said that the ‘wife’ character he had in his earlier show and the remarks he would pass at her (albeit sexist), were taken from the fights he saw his parents had.

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

As they say, misogyny begins at home.

Twitter Making News

Kapil Sharma wants to write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the nuisance of trolls saying, “koi bhi mooh utha ke aa jaata hai Twitter pe, myself included. (People can say anything on Twitter.)”

He also said that people write all kinds of hateful garbage directed towards people and said that with the blue tick, comes great power.

Hum log kuch likhtey hai Twitter pe, toh blue tick ki wajha se, woh news ban jaata hai. (We can write anything on Twitter and because of the ‘blue tick’, it becomes news.)

He also had a PSA for people:

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

Love, Sex ya Dhoka?

Talking about his ever elusive love life, Kapil said that he’s got many girls who are friends and that he has a major crush on Deepika Padukone, so much so, that he mentioned Deepika's name five times, and referenced to her thrice.

When Karan said that’s a celebrity crush not a real one, a visibly upset Sharma said:

Yeh kya baat hui, main celebrity nahi hoon? Auto chalata hoon?! (Am I not a celebrity? Am I an autoricksaw driver?)

Who Will He Take to a Deserted Island?

Yes, he’s got major hots for Deepika and the three people he will take to an island will be Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Deepika Padukone.

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)


When the two politicians fight, he can spend time with his lady love!

Handling Celebrities and Stardom

When asked which celebrity Sharma felt most nervous around, he said it was Amitabh Bachchan, when they met for the first time on his show. But, he said that Big B created an atmosphere of ease very soon in the episode.

With Shah Rukh, he said he shares a special connection and said that he even gatecrashed his party and ended up dancing there for three hours.

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

Laughing at Himself

Sharma, who is more comfortable talking in Hindi, was asked the reason for his self-deprecating sense of humour. He said that before anyone else can make fun of him, he likes to make jokes on himself and his broken English.

(Photo: Akriti Paracer/The Quint)

He said that it was amusing to him how girls pride themselves in being bad at Hindi but never the same for English.