Kapil Sharma birthday: 5 things we have learnt from the king of comedy!

Akshata Shetty
Kapil Sharma is a not only a great comedian but a good human too.

Kapil Sharma is probably the only stand-up comedian who has achieved so much success in the industry. His is a rag to riches story where a commoner wins a stand-up comedy challenge and a few years later turns out to be the most wanted comedian of the industry. Success didn’t come easy to the actor but he consistently worked to achieve whatever he has today. He runs one of the most watched and successful shows on the small screen, The Kapil Sharma Show.

However, his recent tiff with Sunil Grover has brought him a lot of negative publicity. His comrades Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar have left his side since then. The trio has refused to shoot with the actor or work on The Kapil Sharma Show. Well, the makers have started to rope in different actors to fill in for these comedians. Kapil Sharma turns a year older today on April 2, 2017 so fans of the comedian will be keen to see if his friends (who left his side) accept his apology and join him back on this special day. (ALSO READ: VERDICT OUT: Kapil Sharma’s show is a FLOP without Sunil Grover)

Controversies apart, Kapil has been an inspiration for many. He is an outsider in the industry and still managed to reach the top with his own talent and determination. Here are five things are we have learned from the King of Comedy:

1) If you are good at your work and ready to slog it out, you will make it big eventually: Kapil really stood by this motto and proved to the world ‘nothing is impossible’. His story becomes all the more relevant today at a time when Bollywood is divided over the nepotism debate.

2) Be able to laugh at yourself: Before making jokes on others, you need to learn to first laugh at yourself. This is a talent every successful comedian has mastered. Remember Bharti Singh joking about her obesity.

3) Be self-confident and never be embarrassed about your shortcomings: Kapil Sharma is not good at English and he confidently admits this fact. He is also proud of the fact that he is good at what he does and not knowing a language cannot stop him from achieving anything.

4) Own up mistakes:  The recent controversy involving Kapil Sharma is an apt example of this point. He assaulted and abused his colleagues on board a flight under the influence of alcohol. But he apologised to them on social media after regaining his senses. He also personally approached Sunil Grover to convince him to join The Kapil Sharma Show once again.

5) Showcase your talent: While Kapil Sharma doesn’t do any bit to hide his ‘flaws’ (not being fluent in English is something looked down upon in the Entertainment industry, remember Kangana Ranauat?), he also doesn’t leave any opportunity to highlight what he is great at. We first knew him as a stand-up comedian but the tv show host and actor has also time and again proved that he is a great singer.