Kapil Sharma Apologises to Sunil Grover Over Scuffle on Flight

Sunil Grover does not rule out a future alliance with Kapil Sharma.

Days after reports of Kapil Sharma assaulting Sunil Grover on a flight had surfaced, Sharma took to Twitter to apologise to Grover.

Reports of a possible rift between the two has appeared time and again. On Monday morning, Sharma took to social media, to clarify his side of the story on Monday.

The actor admitted that the two had “an argument” and that “he shouted at him for the first time in 5 years”. He also added that it’s their family matter and they would resolve the issue.

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But later in the night, Sharma issued the public apology. The said incident took place on a flight from Australia to Mumbai on Thursday night, when Kapil Sharma allegedly physically assaulted his comic colleague Sunil Grover.

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