Kanye West’s New Yeezy Foam Runners: Twitterati Roasts the American Rapper for Making Shoes That Resemble Crocs (Check Funny Memes & Jokes)

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If you thought Apple’s new iPhone camera was bad, hold your breath! Kanye West has just revealed his future Yeezy Foam Runners, and it has once again disappointed Twitterati. After somehow managing to overcome with the new iPhone camera, Twittersphere has now been introduced to West’s latest shoe design. It is precisely like your comfortable and cheaper crocs. People online were quick to notice the small holes and patterns. West’s new Yeezy foams paved the way for some hilarious reactions. Twitter is roasting the American rapper for making the shoes that resemble crocs with funny memes and jokes. Video of Kanye West Apparently Eating His Earwax is Going Viral, Twitterati is Grossed Out Deciding What He's Upto. 

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Yeezy Mafia leaked Yeezy shoes, announcing that Kanye will drop the new Foam Runner in 2020. The pattern has been described as “a clog-like design with open holes throughout the upper.” The internet has some serious opinions about the new ‘clog’ by calling it the copycat Croc shoe. The comparisons have been pouring in hard and fast with hilarious memes. Twitter is widely considering the new design, a joke and an aesthetic nightmare! Kanye West's Slippers at 2 Chainz Wedding Became Talk of Twitter, Check Funny Pictures and Tweets. 

Yeezy Foam Runners:

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Twitter Roasts Kanye:


What About You?

Anybody Else?


Media reports reveal that daughter North West wore them in June this year. In the all-white shoe, foamy sure, we are not very sure if there will be any kind of running done. Meanwhile, Kanye has some time re-imagine and may come up that less or at least does not resemble Crocs. He must consider these very first reactions to the Yeezy Foams before it hits the market in 2020.