Kanye's Yeezy campaign features LOTS of nakedness

Jess Edwards
Photo credit: Twitter/Kanye West

From Cosmopolitan

*WARNING* there is lots of nakedness in this article.

Yeah so, Kanye West is having a really busy time of it lately; dropping albums, trying to get on the next Deadpool soundtrack and releasing new campaigns on Twitter for his fashion line.

As we've come to expect from Kanye, this was no traditional campaign release. Instead, the rapper/designer simply posted a stream of images on Twitter of a bunch of Yeezy-clad, and some less-clad, models.

While there were the usual biker shorts, oversized hoodies, and athleisure wear that we're used to seeing in the line, there was also a lot of, well, nakedness.

Photo credit: Kanye West/Twitter/Eli Linnetz

While it may seem odd to launch a fashion line and use two naked Kim K lookalikes to sell it, maybe Kanye was being pretty clever here. After all, the only items of clothing there are to look at are the trainers - the new Yeezy 500 Supermoon.

Not all the other models in the campaign are as full-frontal, but there are some more pretty naked shots of women hugging each other and doing some fun stretching.

There are also more clothed pics, in the typical Yeezy colour palette of khakis, creams and nudes.

Plus this shot of a baby.

If you're liking the campaign and want to see more of the nakedness clothing line, head over to photogapher Eli Linnetz' Instagram where there are some interesting shots of topless quad stretching and butt-in-the-air naked floor kissing.

It really is good times.

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