Kannada community in UK pays tribute to Basaveshwara, Ambedkar

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London, Feb 21 (PTI) The NRI Kannada community in the UK paid tribute to the 12th century philosopher and social reformer, Lord Basaveshwara, and the chief architect of the Indian Constitution, B R Ambedkar.

Karnataka's Minister for Kannada and Culture Aravind Limbavalli and Basavalinga Pattadevaru Swami Ji joined the community to pay their respects to Basaveshwara and Ambedkar during a virtual event held on Saturday.

The event was hosted by the Lambeth Basaveshwara Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in the UK that has erected the statue of Basaveshwara on the bank of river Thames.

Two main Kannada organisations of the UK -- Kannada Balaga UK and Kannadigaru UK -- joined Basavalinga Pattadevaru Swami Ji and the minister to pay their tribute to Basaveshwara and Ambedkar.

Other Kannada organisations from the US, Ireland, Australia, and UAE also participated in the event.

Basaveshwara's statue in London is not only the first statue to be unveiled by an Indian Prime Minister in the UK but also the first conceptual statue to be approved by the British Cabinet in the vicinity of Parliament.

The approval by the British government was given as a mark of respect to the 12th century Indian philosopher and social reformer for promoting democratic ideals, social justice and gender equality.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had unveiled the statue of Basaveshwara and Ambedkar’s house on November 14, 2015.

Limbavalli said Basaveshwara and Ambedkar shared a conceptual relationship because, they both fought against caste discrimination and untouchability and both promoted gender equality, freedom of speech and democracy during the 12th and 19th century respectively and we must adhere to their values.

Basavalinga Pattadevaru Swami Ji urged the minister to support and join the birth anniversary event of Lord Basaveshwara and Ambedkar in London on May 14 this year. PTI HSR PMS PMS