On Kanimozhi’s CISF incident, Chidambaram says experienced similar taunt

Vikash Aiyappa
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New Delhi, Aug 10: A day after DMK leader, Kanimozhi said that a CISF officer questioned her nationality when she asked the officer to speak in English or Tamil, Congress leader, P Chidambaram said he too had a similar experience.

"I have experienced similar taunts from government officers and ordinary citizens who insisted that I speak in Hindi during telephone conversations and sometimes face to face," Chidambaram said in a tweet.

"Non-Hindi speaking recruits to central government posts quickly learn functional, spoken Hindi. Why cannot Hindi speaking recruits to central government posts learn functional, spoken English, he also asked.

CISF orders enquiry after officer questions DMK leader Kanimozhi's nationality

"Today at the airport a CISF officer asked me if 'I am an Indian' when I asked her to speak to me in Tamil or English as I did not know Hindi," Kanimozhi said in a tweet on Sunday.

With education placed in the State List, the Centre will assume the remaining rights of the states and take in its control (aspects ranging) from syllabus to university.This is an attack on the federal structure being underscored by the Constitution of India," M K Stalins had said.

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