Kanhaiya Kumar cites violence against minorities, slams BJP govt for inaction

Kanhaiya Kumar on Monday slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government's rule citing incidents of violence against Dalits and Muslims in Begusarai, Bihar.

Kanhaiya, who lost the Lok Sabha elections 2019 from Begusarai against BJP's Giriraj Singh, said, "Recently in Begusarai, one man and woman were hassled and one Muslim vendor was asked to go Pakistan and threatened that he would be shot dead. Here, culprits have gained courage as the administration does not take action against them."

Kanhaiya Kumar also said that now these "criminals" have started posting videos of their crimes of social media and that the trend has started under the BJP government over the last few years.

"Making a video of your crime is a work that has been created by BJP's rule in the past few years. In the name of cow protection, culture, etc. It is clear that the people who make the video of violence with dalits, Muslims and youth are clear that those who do such crimes are not afraid of punishment," Kanhaiya said.

He added that not much has been discussed regarding the issue despite a rise in such incidents. Kanhaiya went on to say that supporters of the BJP and its offshoot organisations have often filmed videos where they can be seen assaulting or humiliating a minority (Dalits and Muslims).

"They make a video and glorify their crime because they know that such incidents of violence are supported by the people of their ideology sitting in power," he added.

He slammed political leaders for backing (staying silent) on such incidents and said they are equally guilty as they are always looking to spread hate for political gains.

Kanhaiya warned the ruling government that the youth of Begusarai will not sit silent if such incidents continue to occur.

"As long as the criminals will not be caught, we are not going to be sitting on hands. Where there is injustice, our voice will surely be against him," Kanhaiya said.