Kangana Ranaut Targets Deepika Padukone Again, Calls Depression a 'Consequence of Drug Abuse'

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Repeat after me, depression is a consequence of drug abuse. So called high society rich star children who claim to be classy and have a good upbringing ask their manager ,” MAAL HAI KYA?” #boycottBollywoodDruggies #DeepikaPadukone

Above is the tweet from actor Kangana Ranaut on Monday night. The post is an obvious jibe at Deepika’s tweet on June 15 – the day after the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s apparent suicide surfaced. A long time champion of mental health who has been actively promoting awareness on the same, Deepika had then written on Twitter – “Repeat after me: Depression is an illness.”

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

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Kangana, who has been taking digs at Deepika for the past few weeks, tweeted her statement as part of her online crusade against what she calls the ‘Bollywood Drug Mafia.’ She also shared the link to a television channel which claims to have gotten hold of private Whatsapp messages, which, the channel claims, implicated Deepika in drug use.

A few weeks ago, on a video she shared on Twitter, Kangana had taunted Deepika by making a leap of logic and basing opinions on the unverified claim that the Padmaavat actress suffered Depression due a break-up that happened 10 years ago.

While mental health has been a topic of discussion in India over the past few years, the nation is far from the awareness and facilities essential to fight the stigma and achieve wellness. Kangana’s statement that ‘depression is a consequence of drug abuse’ is not just factually wrong but also encouraging of the stigma around mental illnesses – something which many, including Deepika, has been fighting against.

Prominent political activist Shehla Rashid was among the first ones to call out Kangana for her statement. Although the actor had responded to Shehla in a tweet, claiming that she was speaking particularly of Deepika, Kangana’s tweet was later deleted.

Dr Sumaiya Sheikh, neuro scientist and founder of Alt News Science, also threw light on the seriousness of the issue of misinformation:

India Today journalist Chaiti Narula shared this, calling out the hypocrisy of Kangana Ranaut’s statement:

Journalist Rohini Singh also pointed out the double standards of this entire episode, as only women, and no men, from Bollywood are accused of drug use.

Firebrand journalist Rana Ayyub also wrote about the deplorable condition of law and order in the country, and how media-sensationalism takes the spotlight away from the more relevant topics that actually affect the citizens.

Ex-Buzzfeed star Andre Borges also shared similar thoughts.

Rana also referred to how anyone who stands up against the incumbent government is subjected to such witch hunts. (Deepika was attacked by online online for supporting JNU students in early January, during the anti-CAA protests.)

Author and journalist Swati Chaturvedi also seemed to agree with Rana’s point of view:

As the noise around Rhea Chakraborty is dying down after her arrest by the Narcotics Control Bureau a few days ago, it looks like the story which started as a crusade for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput has taken a new turn – and this time, they have found another woman to victimise.

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