Kangana Ranaut Takes A Royal Dig At Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan In The Latest AIB Video

Smrity Sharma
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Kangana Ranaut Takes A Royal Dig At Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan In The Latest AIB Video

Kangana Ranaut is not in the mood to spare anybody!

Kangana Ranaut is at it again. The actress known for never mincing her words is just out with The Bollywood Diva song along with All India Bakchod (AIB). The actress has once again highlighted all that is wrong with our film industry and the way we treat our actresses. Without taking any names, the actress has taken a dig at all the stars possible in a hilarious manner.

Before we get to the song, Kangana, who plays the character of Priya (an actress) is seen talking to her director, who has no clue who she is and only identifies her as the hero’s ‘love interest’. He gives no importance to her protests about how her character is written. She is scheduled to song the song ‘mere seene pe malde iodex apne hoton se’. Does the words of the song ring a bell? Next, we see the actor’s entry. As soon as he arrives on the sets, the director and the entire crew give him a ‘hero’s welcome’, akin to what we have seen in Karan Johar’s films. We can be precise here, the shot takes cue from Shah Rukh Khan’s entry in Kabhi Khushie Kabhi Gham.

The hero comes and dictates and gets what he wants – much like how our hero-oriented Indian film industry works. But not one to give in, what follows next is Priya requesting the hero to increase her role and help her break the glass ceiling. Set to the tune of Chittiya Kallaiyan Ve, the song talks about how we don’t even think twice about objectifying women. When everything that talked about a woman’s cleavage or her sexy legs came under the radar of feminists, we didn’t shy from even objectifying a woman’s wrist, points out Kangana in the song written by Manaswi Mohata,
Anuya Jakatdar, Ayesha Nair and Supriya Joshi.

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The song even talks about how old actors are still reigning and romancing young girls, subtly questioning if this isn’t pedophilia then what is? The line ‘you romance my bitiya while I sell tikiya’ beautifully articulates a woman’s shelf life in showbiz as compared to the actors’. Just to bring to your notice, our superstar Khans – Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir have been accused of shying away from playing their age and shamelessly romancing women more than half their age.

But that isn’t all. Kangana also talks about the pay disparity which is prevalent and is yet pushed under the carpet time and again. “The actress’ name appears on the credits before the heros’ but is that enough when his paycheck still has more zeroes?” she asks next in the song. For the uninitiated, it was King Khan Shah Rukh who had started this formality of having the actresses’ name before his in his movies. Just an eye wash, eh?

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Kangana also underlined how women are just expected to mutely go through all this and more, without thinking about her self respect. ‘Papa ne tujhe launch kiya ve, main boli toh tune taunt kiya re,’ can be seen as a take on nepotism in the industry and of course, Hrithik Roshan, who she feels is surviving in Bollywood thanks to papa Roshan. When a woman speaks up, she is tagged a ‘feminazi’, ‘diva’ et al. But call her anything you want to, Kangana has risen above these tags and calling her names can never bother her or put her down. Watch the song here:

Kangana Ranaut has been making headlines since more than two weeks now and her haters have been vocal about how they have had enough of her talking about Hrithik Roshan! Well, now you have Kangana take on the entire film industry! There is no stopping this girl. Kangana Ranaut storm is here to stay.