Kangana Ranaut’s post-birthday workout is goals; take a look

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Kangana Ranaut's workout is inspiring. (Photo: Team Kangana Ranaut/Instagram;designed by Gargi Singh)

For those who need a push to wake up and exercise, here is some fitness inspiration straight from Manikarnika actor Kangana Ranaut, who is currently spending time with her family in Manali. As seen on her Instagram page, the 33-year-old actor is not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to her fitness routine.

Don't believe us? Take a look!


The actor's team recently shared glimpses of her training with instructor Siddhartha Singh. Revealing more about her workout, Singh wrote on his Instgram how the actor aced a combat style workout prepared for her.

Kangana, who is currently prepping for her next role in Dhaakad, can be seen doing burpees with a twist.



What's a combat workout?

As a cardio workout that powers up the entire body, combat workout draws its inspiration from martial arts and a wide array of disciplines such as karate, kung fu, muay thai, boxing, taekwondo and tai chi. The workout speeds up one's energy and is even called a 'warrior's workout'.

The metabolic workout helps burn fat, tone the muscles and shape the body in no time considering that rapid movements with little rest in between power up the body's ability to burn calories.

Not just that, the workout is also known to develop coordination and agility, improve core strength as well as posture.

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The workout is said to be an effective way of losing extra pounds much more faster.

Kangana, who recently celebrated her birthday, can be seen including kicking movements in her workout which also includes movements like jabbing and blocking. Such moves, when repeated at a regulated pace and intensity, help power up muscle groups which are not used on a regular basis. This makes it a full-body workout that targets both the upper and lower limbs.

The workout also includes functional training moves including pushups, lunges high knees and squats and is considered an effective core exercise.