'Kamalam will blossom in Puducherry': JP Nadda

Puducherry, Jan 31 (ANI): BJP chief JP Nadda in Puducherry on January 31 during a public rally said 'Kamalam' will blossom in Union Territory. "For the last 35 years of Congress rule, 52% of the population has been living below the poverty line. During Vajpayee's time, Puducherry was given 70% grant-in-aid. When V Narayanasamy, who is CM now, became Union Minister, it was reduced to 30%," said JP Nadda. He added, "When V Narayanasamy was a minister in Government of India, he waived off the loan of Rs 5,000 crore of Jharkhand but he didn't waive off the loan of Puducherry and now he is CM. This kind of justice he did with Puducherry." JP Nadda also said, "Kamalam will blossom here in Puducherry."