Kamala Harris' Husband Will Formally be Called 'Second Gentleman'. But She'll Call Him 'Honey'

Buzz Staff
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Indian-American Kamala Harris is all set to be sworn in as the first woman of colour to become Vice President of the United States. And After much debate, it seems Harris' office has finally decided on a moniker for Emhoff.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Harris confirmed that her husband would indeed be officially referred to as the "Second Gentleman of the United States", becoming the first man to be addressed thus.

In a video that has been going viral on social media, a CNN anchor can be seen speaking to the Vice President-elect and asking her, "What should we be calling him? Is he the second gentleman? Is he the second dude?" to which a laughing Harris responds, "Well, I think the term has evolved into 'second gentleman'".

When the anchor further asks Harris if she would call him Second Gentleman, she says, "No, I'll call him honey".

Since Harris is the first woman ever to become Vice President-elect, the position of Second Gentleman is also new. So far, the male wives of Vice Presidents had been referred to as the Second Lady. The term is known to have first been used by Jennie Tuttle Hobart, wife of Vice President Garret Hobart (1897–1899), who used it to describe herself.

The current incumbent Second Lady is Karen Pence, wife of incumbent Republican VP Mike Pence.

The President and his family form the First Family, with Joe Biden's election victory making his wife Jill Biden the First Lady of the United States.

While in her election victory acceptance speech, Kamala Harris had said that she was the first woman to win a Vice Presidential election but she won't be the last. Here's to hoping that we see many of Second Gentlemans to come and perhaps even a First Gentleman someday.