Kallis' 'free from burden' approach behind renaissance in Test cricket

Sydney, Nov 12(ANI): The major reason behind veteran all rounder Jacques Kallis' blistering form recently is that he is playing with a free mind and without any unnecessary weight of expectations, according to Australian cricket writer, Robert Craddock.

"There is something different about South Africa's great all-rounder Jacques Kallis this tour and here's what it is - he's free. There is no saddle on his back, no ball and chain trailing behind him," Craddock wrote in his column for the Daily Telegraph.

"No weight of a succession of captains saying, 'You know you are our rock and don't get out,' which had been the message for 15 years, and he is not facing any statistician pressure from himself or others to drag or keep his average above 50," he added.

"Kallis' friends say that two years ago he came to the realisation that his career would come to an end soon enough - and he was happy not simply with that but what he had achieved," he wrote.

Craddock further said: A sense of liberation came over his entire game because the end held no fear for him. Along came two double centuries. Significantly, his last three Test centuries have been among the fastest he has scored."

"Perhaps the shot that sums up his new attitude is the upper cut, which he used to strike four boundaries in his century yesterday," he added.

"As he rocked back and unleashed, it was almost as if all the chains that come with being a beast of burden for so many years were cracking like snapped cobwebs as he deliberately hit the ball in the air," he further wrote.

"Recently he was seen reverse sweeping Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh on a fifth-day wicket at Cape Town, a shot the young Kallis would never have contemplated," he concluded. (ANI)