Kalki Koechlin’s Statement On Her Naked Photoshoot Cannot Be Missed

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Kalki Koechlin’s Statement On Her Naked Photoshoot Cannot Be Missed

Kalki Koechlin makes some valid points regarding her latest viral picture

Bollywood actresses are making it sure that the people in our country look at women in a respectable manner. Stars like Esha Gupta, Alia Bhatt, Disha Patani posed nude for the photoshoots and that created a huge buzz. While many appreciated the efforts to break free from the traditional norms of the society, there were some orthodox trolls who trolled mercilessly. Despite all this, Kalki Koechlin came out with her version of nude picture which broke the internet again. After a lot of buzz around this shoot, she finally decided to come out and speak about it for once and all.

Kalki talked at length about this photoshoot themed as ‘Love your nakedness.’ As reported in Midday, she said, “As women, we often are depicted through a man’s perspective, but this picture was clicked by a woman photographer. That’s why I found it significant to share the photograph.” She further added, ” I think it’s important to celebrate who you are and your body rather than ponder about what the world will think. I have always believed in the idea of wearing your personality on your sleeve. I have never been ashamed of whatever I do.”

Well, Kalki has made some valid points that will make the fans think before judging any actress henceforth. Not only Kalki, even Esha Gupta said it in her statement that she knows what she does and loves it thoroughly. She also said that trolls don’t affect her at all. It is a free country and women have their right to express their emotions in the way they want. Kalki has set the latest example and we are sure she has inspired all the women out there.

written by prachi kulkarni