Kajol’s ‘Beef’ Tweet Is Proof That Fear Is at an All-Time High

Kajol’s recent tweet is proof that ‘gau raksha’ paranoia is at an all time high. The actor tweeted in defence of a recent video of her enjoying a meal cooked by her chef friend Ryan Stephen. In the video, as he explains the beef preparation, Kajol’s only to excited to dig in. But in her tweet, she clarifies that it was ‘legally available buffalo meat’.

But why the need for this premature clarification? Well, the actor feels that the sensitive matter might hurt religious sentiments, which isn’t her intention. Kajol’s Instagram post about her scrumptious lunch had trolls going nuts, suggesting that she should be ashamed of being a Hindu and consuming beef.

Here’s the video that is probably giving Kajol sleepless nights. I guess after the entire Karan Johar controversy, the last thing she wants is trouble from gau rakshaks.