Kailash Kher's journey

“Talent knows no boundary.” Who can be better than the singing sensation Kailash Kher to prove this famous quote? On burning his hands into business, Kailash moved back to his early days’ hobby of singing to make it a full-time profession where almost no infrastructure is required unlike business. Realising his hidden potential, a trait that he got from his father, Pt. Mehar Singh Kher, a renowned folk singer himself (in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana), Kailash dared to explore his own kind of singing mannerism.

Subsequently, he moved to Mumbai, where after some hiccups he became a name to reckon with. Since then, there has been no stopping him. Besides giving memorable hits he has also lent special appearances in blockbusters, including Corporate (2006) and Mangal Pandey – The Rising (2005). Today, the singer is a proud the band ‘Kailasa’, and an acclaimed lyricist and music composer as well.

Born in 1973, Kailash comes from a conservative family in Meerut. His parents moved to Delhi few years after his birth. “During my formative years, I was hugely influenced by the spiritual music of my father and the culture of rustic and folksy surroundings I grew up in. Then it was Pandit Kumar Gandharv, renowned Indian classical singer, who inspired me,” Kailash reminisces.

On talking about his alma mater days and memories in Delhi where he spent most part of his life, Kailash says, “Though I wasn’t a regular student of Delhi University, as I graduated with its correspondence program, I feel nostalgic about those playful days. Moreover, how can I forget the day (five years back) when I decided and subsequently formed our band ‘Kailasa’ in Delhi, with an immense help from Naresh and Paresh. Though they are Mumbai-based, I met these guys in Delhi itself during a concert at Pragati Maidan.”

“I pursued my love for music as a leisure pursuit, but did not think it as a career alternative until quite some time, dabbing between various businesses and trying to make a living and sustain the passion for music at the same time,” the singer adds. Lastly, the singer in Kailash decided to take the dive. He moved to Mumbai in the year 2001, where he began his foray into the music industry by singing jingles for various TV and radio commercials. He received critical acclaim for his unique style of singing. Some of the famous commercials that he sang were for brands like Coca Cola, Citibank, Pepsi, IPL Cricket Anthem and Honda Motor Cycles, to name a few. His career started in music and film industry not so long ago in the year 2002, and by now, he has sung in 14 regional languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Bengali, Sindhi, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Marathi, Punjabi, Konkani etc. for regional films and over 200 songs for the Bollywood.

On being asked what music is to him, Kailash says it’s more like meditation to him. “It’s like connecting me with the God. While singing I get lost in some other sphere. It’s like finding my inner self and soul,” the singer says.

Meanwhile, he has also established himself as a composer. So, which one is more challenging: singing or composing? Kailash states, “Both are entirely different in terms of efforts. Singing simply goes on the direction of the given composition and situation involved, whereas, composing brings a lot of responsibilities to any music director. In addition, a composer has to go with different kinds of situations. As a music director, I have the liberty when I am composing songs for my non-filmi private albums, whereas, when I compose songs for movies, I have no other options but to keep in mind the situation and follow the mood of the actors. I feel there is definitely far more challenge when I am given the assignment of composing music for a movie than a private album.”

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