Justin Trudeau Wished Everyone a Very Happy Baishakhi in Punjabi!

“Waheguru ji da khalsa, waheguru ji di fateh,” Justin Trudeau wishing Happy Baisakhi to everyone.

Justin Trudeau is definitely the coolest prime minister the world has ever seen, and he never fails to show the world how amazingly cool he can be.

Trudeau has gained a fan-following all over the world and it is only because he gives that much importance to each and every section of the society. In a recent video released by him, he is seen wishing Baisakhi to everyone. This doesn’t end here. His wishes are not in English, but in Punjabi – fluent Punjabi. Yes, that is right!

“Waheguru ji da khalsa, waheguru ji di fateh,” that is how he begins his greetings and goes on to explain the importance and significance of Baisakhi.

After wishing the Tamils on Pongal, and dancing on bhangra beats, Justin Trudeau has definitely managed to win our hearts!

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